The search for the right swim top can seem like searching for the holy grail. But, once you find it, you will agree that it was totally worth all the work that it took. Here is a quick guide that will help you find the right swim top.

Just looking to lay out and get a tan?

Go with a bandeau top. This style offers minimal coverage and no silly neck lines. They are super comfy and perfect for lounging by the pool.

Are you planning on being active?

For the most support, you can look for a sport style or tankini. Some bra styles will also offer ‘sport-like’ support. If you want to get a little more sun, look for a triangle top or halter top. These styles generally offer the most adjustability and support so y0u can move and groove without worrying about giving the guys at the beach a free show. Look for tops that have a tie neck and back so you can adjust accordingly.

Smaller bust looking for a boost?

Bra or bustier tops will be your friend. Bustier’s are shaped like a push-up bra and will give you just the lift your are looking for. Padding will be built in and will generally have a ‘spine’ which offers a more defined silhouette that will keep it’s shape.

Not sure how to size the tops?

This can get tricky, so we always recommend referring to each specific brands size chart when in doubt. Some basic guidelines:

  • Coverage can vary so pay attention to what type of top it is (bandeau, triangle, etc.).
  • Junior sizes run smaller and generally use the S/M/L size range.
  • Misses sizing generally uses numbered sizing (4, 6, 8, etc.) which can be easier to get right on the first try.
  • For the most accurate sizing, check out brands that go by actual bust size (like your bra).

Take a look at more resources below to help understand the different swimsuit styles out there.