GoPro leads the game with their tech-savvy, user friendly, holy-crap-I-can’t-believe-how-awesome-that-shoots portable cameras. They are the best for a reason and we are here to break down everything you need to get out there and start capturing your life. Whether you want the best of the best or would prefer to start with something a little simpler, we help find the perfect camera for you and all the accessories you need to go along with it.

Hero 4 Session

Hero 4 Sessions at Windward Boardshop

The Hero 4 Session is their smallest, lightest most portable camera they’ve ever made, yet it still packs all the power that you’ve come to know and love from GoPro. The body has a rugged, waterproof casing, the single button control makes it easy to use and this small yet mighty camera shoots in 1080p60 video and 8mp photos. Another awesome feature is the 4 Session camera is that it automatically shuts off when it’s not recording, saving a ton of battery life so your charge lasts longer. If it’s running non-stop, you can shoot 2 straight hours of video on a full charge. Other features include, Protune, auto low light, dual mic system, built in wifi and is compatible with all GoPro mounts.

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Hero +

Go Pro Hero + at Windward Boardshop

The best bang for your buck is definitely the Hero +. Complete with wifi and a touch LCD display, this camera gives you everything you need to capture your life  without completely breaking the bank. The Hero + shoots 8mp photos that you can share instantly on social media via the wifi connection. Time lapse, photo burst, Quick Capture, auto low light and you can edit it all at the end of the day using GoPro Studio. The best way to get yourself into the world of GoPro for under $300 is with the Hero +.

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Hero 4 Silver

Hero 4 Silver at Windward Boardshop

Similar to the Hero + but way more tech features, the Hero 4 Silver is perfect for the more savvy tech lover that’s going to really use the camera to the fullest. 12mp photos, up to 30 frames per second and shoots in both 1080 and 720p video. Also equipped with the touch screen LCD display, you can edit videos on the go with the built in video trimming. Brand new settings for shooting after dark, built in wifi and bluetooth allow you to share on the go and you can shoot time lapses easier than ever with the new time lapse video mode. The Silver also features Super View which shoots a majorly wide angle view for the ultimate in wide screen video capture, auto low light adjusts when the sun goes down and upgraded audio performance means you will be able to catch all the sounds of nature, your favorite band or your nephews first words with top of the line clarity.

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Hero 4 Black

Go Pro Hero 4 Black at Windward Boardshop

For lack of a better description, the Hero 4 Black is simply the best. This camera shoots in 4K Ultra HD video, can shoot slow-mo’s up to 240 frames per second and can be unlocked to manually control color, ISO limit, exposure and more. Also equipped with a processor that is 2 times faster than every other camera they’ve ever made, the Hero 4 Black is those that want commercial-grade capabilities in a hand-held camera. Other features to note are 12mp burst photos at up to 30 frames per second, brand new settings for shooting after dark, built in wifi and bluetooth, super view and professional grade audio performance. Use it for work, play and everything in between. The best camera that GoPro makes is the Hero 4 Black.

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Micro SD Card

These come in varied sizes but you absolutely need one to use the camera. The cameras have very little memory on them so you cannot use the camera until you have inserted the micro SD card. Look for a 32GB or 64GB size card. Some models like the HERO4 support up to 128GB. You can check GoPro’s SD Compatibility chart to make sure what you choose will work.

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Appropriate Mounts

Go Pro Helmet Mounts at Windward Boardshop

Depending on what you are using your GoPro for, there are a ton of different mounts that you can buy to attach your camera to. The adhesive helmet mounts shown in the photo come in both flat and curved depending on where you want the camera to sit on your helmet. GoPro also makes tri-pod mounts, surfboard mounts and front and side mounts with included extenders for additional viewing range on your helmet. Long story short, you can stick your GoPro to just about anything, all you need is the right mounts!

Flat and Curved Adhesive Mounts

Side Mount

Front Mount

Tri-Pod Mounts

Surf Mounts

Backup Battery

For longer trips or days where you won’t have the chance to plug in and re-charge, it’s smart to keep back-up power of some kind. From power packs to additional batteries, you can never have enough juice. You don’t want to be caught missing all the good shots at the end of the day because you ran out of battery like a goon. Another great accessory if you do get the chance to be near power, is the wall charger kit. This allows you to plug your camera right into a standard outlet and re-charge without needing your computer.

GoPro Wall Charger at Windward Boardshop
Go Pro Portable Power Pack at Windward Boardshop
GoPro Rechargeable Battery at Windward Boardshop

Some of our favorite additional accessories

GoPro Chesty Chest Harness
GoPro Fetch Dog Harness
GoPro Pole Pro
GoPro Surf Mounts
GoPro Clamp
GoPro Pole Floaty

These cameras and accessories listed are the latest and greatest as of early 2016. GoPro technology and accessories constantly change so check back to get the latest info. Now get out there and start filming!

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