The gift guide goodness continues with a list of what to buy a longboarder for x-mas. Even if you know nothing about longboarding, this list should walk you through some great suggestions on ways to keep this boarder feeling extra special this holiday season.


Longboard Deck

If you know what kind of riding your longboarder is in to, then we can definitely help you pick out a brand new deck for them. Boards are made out of wood and can definitely break down over time so a new deck is always a great gift to give to your favorite longboarder. Collect some info: Do they enjoy downhill, sliding, carving or just cruising? We can take it from there.

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Longboard Trucks

It’s safe to say that any longboarder out there would appreciate a brand new pair of trucks. Just like searching for a deck, if you know what kind of longboarding they like to do then you can find a set of trucks that will work great. It’s also helpful to know what kind of board they will be putting the trucks onto, that way we can make sure we are getting them the right size and style.  What is an easy way to figure this out? Snap a photo of their current setup  and send it to us  so can see what they are currently riding and we can recommend what will work best.

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Longboard Wheels

Another great item to buy for your favorite longboarder is a new set of wheels. If they put a lot of miles on their board, chances are they could definitely use some new wheels. There are a couple main differences when it comes to longboard wheels and if you know what kind of skating they like to do then we can help recommend a wheel that will work for their riding style. Do they enjoy sliding? Just cruising around town? Fast downhill? Again, if you are not sure you can snap a photo of their current setup and we can make a call from that.

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If there is one thing every longboarder loves, it’s a brand new set of super fast bearings. The bearings go inside the wheels and are what makes the wheel go ’round. They can range in price from $10 – $100+ and can be made from materials like stainless steel or even ceramic (at the higher end). No matter what you are looking to spend, there is a bearing out there that we are sure your favorite longboarder would appreciate (the faster the better). Read a little bit about how skate bearings work and the differences between models

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Bearing Cleaning Supplies

Sometimes all your board needs to keep running right is a good clean up and the first place to start is the bearings. Most skaters know how to do a little maintenance on their own and bearing cleaning supplies are a great gift that helps them extend the life of their current bearings. Most bearings can be taken apart and cleaned and with a little washing and some bearing lube, they can ride like new. For the hands-on longboarder that prefers to get the job done themselves, this is a great, inexpensive stocking stuffer! Feel free to send them this link on how to clean your bearings. Two of our favorite bearing cleaners are Bones Speed Cream or Element Bearing Oil


Slide Gloves

For the longboarder who is really going for it, a new pair of slide gloves will be a great gift to put under the tree this holiday season. Sliding gloves keep their hands safe and offer a smooth surface to help balance during slides. They come in various materials like leather, suede or breathable mesh fabric and generally have removable “pucks” that are also replaceable when they wear down. There are all kinds of styles out there so depending on what you are looking to spend, there is probably a great choice in that price range. All you need to know is a general hand size (glove size should work) and the rest is easy!

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Protective Gear

Whether it’s their first day on their board or they are seasoned downhill enthusiasts, most longboarders need some protective gear to help keep them in one piece. While we recommend the longboarder be there in person to fit a helmet, it’s a little easier to buy the various pads as gifts – all you need to know is some basic sizing. Our top recommendations go to knee and elbow pads . Depending whether or not they use slide gloves, they may also want wrist guards. Help keep your favorite boarder safe.

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Longboard Bushings

The least expensive way to give your board a major makeover is to get a brand new set of bushings in your trucks. Give your favorite longboarder the gift of a smooth ride with a fresh set of bushings this holiday season. Bushings can seem overwhelming because there are a LOT of options out there. The good news is, bushings are pretty inexpensive so you can always buy a couple different sets and let them mix and match as they like. For some more information about longboard bushings, check out this article or contact us and we can help you out.

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When your feet are part of daily commute, you need good shoes.  Longboarders don’t put the same kind of wear and tear on shoes as skateboarders do, but they still put shoes through the ringer in other ways. The sole of the shoe for a longboarder is key. They use their feet as part of their ‘breaking’ system so the sole is quick to wear down over time. We would recommend skipping the classic vulcanized shoes (although they offer good board feel) and opt for a cupsole which will give more support under foot. Continue on to read more about the different kind of skate shoes out there.

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