Wheelbite is worse than the scent of a taco flavored enemma kit. Well, maybe not that bad but it sure does put a bummer on your flow. Adding risers to your ride of too low proportions will raise your deck from the wheels giving it more clearence when initiating a sharp turn. This allows for larger wheels to go on smaller decks and is commonly practice on many crusier boards. You’ll also see some risers reffered to as shock pads. These are usually 1/8th softer polyurethane pads placed in beteween the truck and the deck to absorb impact and reduce shock. The effect is a smoother ride on heavy impact and longer lasting decks from less over all stress.

Be sure to match the right size hardware to your riser pad. The thicker riser you have, the longer hardware you’ll need to properly secure the truck to the deck (you’re truck falling off sucks just as stinky as wheelbite). Hardware bolts come in phillips and allen key options, so be sure to go with your favorite nut fasining fancy.

Here is a chart with common riser heights and the appropriate hardware length to fit.

riser size hardware size
no risers 7/8″ – 1″
1/8″ riser 1″ 1- 1/8″
1/4″ riser 1 1/4″
1/2″ riser 1 1/2″ +


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