As summer wraps up and fall is in the air, you may be planning some travel in the near future. Maybe an end of summer rendezvous, maybe a fall hiking trip or maybe your first snowboard trip of the season. Either way, you are going to need the perfect backpack and luggage to accompany you on these adventures. Large cases for the 2-week journeys, small carry on sizes for the weekend warriors and trusty, compartment friendly packs for the trips that don’t require full blown luggage.

Our backpack and luggage selection is insane year after year, and the fall/winter 2014 collection is no different. From hard-sided luggage to duffel bags to hiking packs, we’ve got something that will work for your every adventure. Bright colors, bold patterns, trusty classics and a whole bunch of killer style – get ready to find the brand new bag of your dreams.


We love taking trips. Traveling means adventure and adventure means fun. However, traveling with crappy luggage can ruin the fun quickly if your items become compromised in any way. Our top luggage picks come from one place – Burton. And we’ll tell you why in one reason. Lifetime Warranty. Yep, that’s right, lifetime. Luggage handlers drop kick your luggage? Covered. Zipper pulls magically go missing? Covered. Handles fall off? Covered. I’ve personally been traveling with Burton luggage for years and recommend that you start doing the same. 

Burton Air 20, Air 25


Burton Air 20 Luggage Black at Windward BoardshopBurton Air 25 Luggage Revelstoke at Windward Boardshop

Burton took a whack at hard case luggage last year with the Burton Air Collection and it’s been a huge hit ever since. For those who travel hard, the Air 20 or Air 25 might just be the perfect bag for you. Made with extremely lightweight and durable ABS plastic, this bag can be packed to the brim and not come near the dreaded 50 lb. weight limit. Other baller features include smooth rolling skateboard wheels, a shovel inspired telescoping handle, mesh interior dividers and best of all an extra plush polyester fur lining that even Mr. Hefner himself would approve of. Roll on, in style, and have no worries about what the baggage handlers are treating your luggage like.

Burton Wheelie Double Deck


Burton Wheelie Double Deck Black at Windward BoardshopBurton Wheelie Double Deck Falcom Mocha Block at Windward BoardshopBurton Wheelie Double Deck Monoxide Cyanide Block at Windward Boardshop

Multi-week travel on the horizon? The Burton Wheelie Double Deck is exactly what you need. Designed with feedback from Burton’s ever-travelling snowboard team, this piece of luggage is definitely in it for the long haul. Sized to fit all your potential necessities for those 2-week treks, this whopping 92 liter bag only weighs a mere 10 pounds when empty so you can pack away without getting too heavy too fast. Smooth Comfort Cush telescoping handle, Ixion skate wheels instead of traditional luggage wheels for smooth rolling and easy replacement and the extra stretchy CRAM panel zones inside to give you a little extra room when making that final zip. 

Burton Wheelie Flight Deck


Burton Wheelie Flight Deck Black at Windward BoardshopBurton Wheelie Flight Deck Falcon Mocha Block at Windward BoardshopBurton Wheelie Flight Deck Monoxide Cyanide Block at Windward Boardshop

The little brother of the double deck is the one and only, carry on size, Wheelie Flight Deck. Perfect for weekend getaways, or week long getaways without a hundred pair of shoes (honest – I just did a week long beach vaca last week with just my flight deck!). Same traits as the larger version minus the size. This guy comes in at just 8 pounds with 45 liters of space. Checking luggage adds a ton of time to your travels, you could be at the bar instead of the baggage carousel when you travel with the Burton Wheelie Flight Deck. 

Duffel Bags

Sometimes your adventure will not require a large piece of roller luggage. Sometimes a good sized bag with nice handles will get the job done. These duffel-bag inspired pieces can you get thru a short weekend getaway with style and ease.

Burton Riders Bag


Burton Riders Bag Black at Windward BoardshopBurton Riders Bag Revelstoke at Windward Boardshop

Is this a snowboard family bag? Yes, because the Riders Bag comes with a sweet little lower compartment that is vented where you can store your stinky snowboard boots. However, there are many more uses for this bag than just stowing your snowboard boots and gear. Thanks to that vented separate compartment, it’s a great place for your shoes or even dirty clothes after a long party filled weekend. Made of super tough 600 D polyester, this lightweight bag (under 4 lbs empty) has a volume of 47 liters which is a ton of room for a bag that size. Plan that weekend mission, you’ve got your bag. 

Vans Joel Tudor Duffel III


Joel Tudor Duffle III Ivy Green at Windward Boardshop

Surf legend Joel Tudor has an entire collection with Vans including shoes, apparel and this awesome Joel Tudor Duffel. Classic shape will a ton of style and current updates like a laptop sleeve and optional backpack straps make this way more than your average duffel bag. Other features include a removable shoulder strap, skate straps and some fancy leather trim to keep it classy. Extra bonus? This bag hold just over 66 liters inside! That’s plenty of room for whatever your weekend adventure may call for. 


For your daily missions, overnight outings, school, work, or all of the above – a good backpack can really get the job done. Whether you are hiking with your snowboard, lugging your skateboard or towing a laptop and a bunch of books, chances are, somewhere below is the right bag for you.

Burton Day Hiker


Burton Day Hiker Backpack Black at Windward BoardshopBurton Day Hiker Backpack Black Plaid at Windward BoardshopBurton Day Hiker Backpack Revelstoke at Windward Boardshop

With seasons behind this bag, the 2014 version of the Burton Day Hiker just may be the best yet. With a third strap added, carrying your snowboard or skateboard is easier and more stable than ever. Toss in the given tech like a lap top compartment, waist strap for heavier loads, hydration compatibility and an ergonomic back panel – and you’ve got yourself on hell of a bag. Whether you are hiking the backcountry or braving the subway on your way to school, the Burton Day Hiker is down for the mission. 

Vans Effingham Backpack


Vans Effingham Backpack at Windward Boardshop

We understand it’s important to have brains AND beauty, and lucky for us, the Vans Effingham Backpack seems to have both.  Not only is this bag (clearly) extremely good looking with it’s natural fall colors and leather accents – it also comes equipped with a roll-top closure, laptop compartment, ergonomic straps and dual entry access. When we look at this bag, we imagine you strolling thru a little marketplace in a foreign country, maybe wearing some kind of cool cap. Can you picture it? 

Vans Old Skool II Backpack


Vans Old Skool II Backpack Heather Grey Herringbone at Windward BoardshopVans Old Skool II Backpack Blue Grass at Windward BoardshopVans Old Skool II Backpack Cement at Windward Boardshop

Vans keeps it simple once again with the Old Skool II Backpack. No bells and whistles, just a good old fashioned backpack. One large main compartment, one smaller front pocket for all your important items, adjustable straps and that classic Vans style that we all know and love.  

We hope our little bag blog inspires you to hit the road on an adventure – or at least spring for a new bag for the school season. Checkout out our full selection of backpacks or luggage.