In 1990 Quiksilver decided with the success of its mens line it would launch a women’s specific line called Roxy. The female surf scene was not as prominent as the mens but Quiksilver saw the opportunity and ran with it.

Roxy started just like Quiksilver, as a swimwear line and immediately was a hit. That next year they created a full sportswear line. In 1992 they kept expanding with denim, as well as some key snow wear pieces. They launched the Roxy logo in 1993, which is the two Quiksilver logos adapted into a heart shape.

The company then went on to create a women’s boardshort and the first Quiksilver/Roxy pro surfing event. By the late 90’s they had taken over the female lifestyle industry.

In 2003 they introduced a women’s snowboard line in partnership with Mervin Manufacturing. Now they dominates in every aspect of the industry from sponsorships, events, media and fashion. Roxy was the first of its kind and has paved the way for all other women’s specific surf/lifestyle companies.