We are very excited to bring in a line that we have been a fan of for some time – Element Eden. 

Element is a skateboard brand that has been making skateboards and apparel since 1992. What many may not know is the brand has some deeps roots that involve women. Element’s founder, Johnny Schillereff, received his first skateboard as a gift from his big sister Jackie. The two grew up skating together and to Johnny, skateboarding always included women. Thanks to that solid foundation, Element was one of the first teams to start sponsoring girl skaters, giving them an equal platform to compete and have the potential to grow in the skate industry. 

Element Eden

Years later, Johnny married a girl named Kori who knew that Element had potential to appeal to girls in a whole new way – thru a new line that still speaks to the lady shredders – but has a look thats different from the basics of the guy’s line. And that’s when Element Eden was born. Kori was inspired by Johnny’s drive to make Element the best and used that same inspiration to grow the Eden line into what it is today. Now with a killer team of designers and artists, the line has grown into a beautiful collection of every day pieces for the Element Eden kind of girl. Comfy tees, cozy hoodies, girly dresses and fun accessories make up this well rounded line that we cannot seem to get enough of. 

Here are some of our favorite pieces from the current fall line from Element now in-stock.

Element Eden Bee Garden Tee $28

Element Eden Bee Garden Tee at Windward Boardshop

The lovely Bee Garden Tee might be the softest item in your closet after today.  With a beautiful shape and luxurious feeling cotton/poly blend, this tee is sure to make it to the top of your faves list. The colorful, artistic design on the front can match back to just about any bottom you own and thanks to the premium feel, you can dress this piece up or down with ease. Find your perfect secret garden with help from Element Eden. 

Element Eden Sequel Hoodie


Element Eden Sequel Hoodie at Windward Boardshop

When it’s comfy time, there is no better choice than the Element Eden Sequel Hoodie. Fall is approaching quickly and cozying up next to a bonfire surrounded by friends is exactly where you will find us. Chances are we will be wearing this hoodie. Classic pullover with contrast hood pulls and a color that is about as timeless as it gets. It’s just like the sweatshirt you stole from your boyfriend. Except this one actually fits, and it’s way cuter, and made just for you.  

Element Eden Essence Maxi Dress


Element Eden Essence Maxi Dress at Windward Boardshop

I’m just going to go ahead and say it – the Essence Maxi from Element is my favorite maxi dress of the season. I can’t figure out if it’s the colors, the overall shape and fit or the adorable cut out detail in the back. Maybe it’s the combination of all three that make this such an amazing dress. Perfect for late summer and early fall. Pair it with your favorite denim jacket for a cooler night or let those arms out to see the sun if Mother Nature is feeling friendly. Lightweight, flowing and beautiful, this dress is your end of summer must have. 

And now, on to a little capsule collection that we are absolutely in LOVE with, the Element Eden X Jac Vanek. Both Element and Jac Vanek have the same message to spread, ‘Don’t be afraid to go above and beyond, take the road less traveled, venture outside of your comfort zone and follow your heart and dreams’ (just to name a few). Jac worked with the designers at Element Eden to create a collection that embraces powerful youth and tells girls to go out there get after it.

This collection’s tag line is “Quit Your Day Job”. Jac herself will tell you this is not to be taken literally. This saying is about going out into the world and doing what you’ve always wanted to do with your life. Don’t follow what everyone tells you that you ‘should’ be doing. Do what calls you and what your heart tells you to do. If you follow these guidelines you are sure to find happiness. Below is a list of our current favorites from this kick ass collection.

Element Eden x Jac Vanek Voyage Hoodie


Element Eden Voyage Hoodie at Windward Boardshop

Like we said above, this quote is all about following your dreams. Being that I love my job, I would never fully endorse this in the literal sense, but I love the message attached to it. Make a statement in the Element Voyage Hoodie and spread the message to get out there, be brave, be adventurous, try new things and take the road less traveled (as long as this road gets you back to work on time. kidding :)) Besides the sweet message, this is, hands down, the best ‘girls’ camo we’ve seen yet. There is a hint of blue in the pattern making this just feminine enough. 

Element Eden x Jac Vanek Lazy Bones Tee


Element Eden Lazy Bones Tee at Windward Boardshop

I love this shirt. I love everything about it, especially the message. The Element Eden Lazy Bones Tee boasts some serious words to live by with the phrase “Grow Young”. Which, by the way, you should totally start using and following #growyoung on Instagram. There are some great photos and stories are attached to that tag… Anyhow – super soft premium cotton, flattering loose fit and a message that no one can disagree with. Now get out there and start making the phrase true. #growyoung

Element Eden x Jac Vanek Dilly Dally Beanie


Element Dilly Dally Beanie at Windward Boardshop

I saved the best for last here and I will apologize in advance that you can only see one side of the Dilly Dally beanie. But I will save you the suspense and just tell you that it says “Take It Easy”. I can’t think of a better phrase to knit onto a cozy beanie. You can tell it to yourself, you can tell it to those around you, those three words can always seem fitting. Cozy up in your favorite hoodie, grab a good book and just Take it easy. 

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do. The Jac Vanek goods will be going fast so jump on those if you are interested and stay tuned for some more goodies from Element coming very soon! Check out our current stock of the Element Eden collection here.



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