When technology, functionality and style come together, amazing things can happen. The hard working smarty-pants’s over at Spy have been formulating something pretty outstanding and this brand new patent pending product will be hitting the shelves at Windward and stores everywhere this spring. Introducing, the Spy Happy Lens. 

Spy has always focused on putting out quality eyewear. Sunglasses, goggles, RX eyewear and even snowcross goggles. But the Happy Lens is about to take it all to the next level. Most people know that the sun offers both good and bad rays. We know this because skin cancer is a bad thing yet sunlight (and vitamin D) are both proven to be good for you, in moderation obviously. Spy has been researching a way to let the good rays in while keeping the bad rays out. Giving you the benefits of sunlight while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. And from this dream comes the brand new Happy Lens. 

Light Therapy

Light therapy is something that has been around for some time. Long-wave blue light is used during light therapy to treat seasonal affective disorder and has been doing so for many years. Scientists have also found that the use of this light can regulate hormones that are related to certain emotional conditions. Ever hear the comment that everyone is Seattle is depressed because they have so many rainy, overcast days? Ever notice how happy you feel when you wake up to a bright, sunny day? That’s the idea behind light therapy. When you get the right amount of sunlight, it can be very healthy for you. Take a look below at two photos of Lake Michigan, one on a cloudy day with a storm rolling in, and one with not a cloud in the sky. See the difference in how each photo makes you feel? That’s light therapy for you.

Lake Michigan OvercastLake Michigan Sunny

Circadian Rhythm

Without going too far into the world of science and making your brain explode – we will give you a little background on what this means. To break the words down, Circadian comes from the latin word “circa” meaning around or approximately and “diem” meaning day. This refers to biological rhythms which can refer to days, weeks, months or seasons. Spy researched the importance of the affects of light on the human circadian rhythm and found that healthy levels of light improve mood, alertness and offer positive physiological changes in the body. So, in normal people terms – the more regularly you are exposed to these positive rays, in consistent patterns, the better you will feel. 

Lens Technology and Clarity

All Happy Lenses will not only be polarized but will also offer the most crisp, color-contrast enhancing optical clarity on the market. Using a special curve that blocks harmful short-wave blue light, the Happy Lenses will create color enhancement and contrast that will feel “easy on the eyes” of the wearer. This lens will also boast versatility in almost any environment and various light situations allowing you to comfortably rock these shades at all times (except inside, or at night, lets save that look for the nightclub bros). Finally, they added a black mirror coating on the outer lens further reducing glare and making sure only the right rays make it thru to your eyes. 


Available Styles

Now lets get to the fun stuff. Since Spy is introducing this amazing new lens, it only seems right to pair it with some great new frame styles as well. Brand new for Spring 2013 is the Discord. With slightly cleaner lines than the Helm, this frame is a unisex masterpiece that guys and girls alike are sure to love. Available in a slew of killer colors, there is definitely at least one that you are sure to love. 3 different color frames of the Discord are available with the Happy Lens. Big brother Helm is also back with a ton of new colors for this season. One of the most classic frames that Spy offers, the Helm is a must have for any sunglass junkie. Finally, the biggest party animal of them all, The Dirty Mo, gets some Happy Lens action too. One of Spy’s more active style frames, the slight wrap offers great sun protection from all sides and has style for days. 

Spy Dirty Mo Happy LensSpy Helm Happy LensSpy Discord Happy Lens

checkout more of the spy happy lens line here



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