Here at Windward, we deal with a lot of sales reps. And we mean A LOT of sales reps. Some do their jobs, and some stand out. One rep that comes to mind in the ‘stand out’ category is DC and Spy’s sales rep Jon Macho. We’ve only been working with Jon for a little over 2 years, but he has been in the rep game much longer and it shows in his ability to be an all around killer sales rep. 

I think that a lot of people think that sales reps have it pretty easy. They make their own schedules, they can work from home in their pj’s and they don’t have to punch a clock day in and day out. They get to hang out in board shops and demo next years equipment and take accounts out to fancy dinners on the corporate credit card. Sounds pretty sweet, huh? That’s just one side of the coin. Especially in the Midwest, the reps have a pretty hefty job at hand.

First of all, the territory is ENORMOUS. Driving samples from shop to shop starting in Minnesota and ending up somewhere in Indiana is no easy task. Chasing down orders, setting up trade shows, breaking down trade shows, setting up trade shows, more spreadsheets than your brain can handle and all the while making themselves as available as possible to their dear accounts. And keep in mind, the majority of these sales reps do this for more than one company. Sounds a little less glamorous. 

If you’ve ever thought that you wanted to get into the rep world, this will be a great article to read. I got a chance to catch up with Jon recently and pick his brain about rep life, the skate and snow industry and most importantly, how he makes time for his newest job – being a Dad. 

Give us a little background on how you got into the sales rep game.

I grew up skateboarding so I guess you can say it’s always been in my blood.  After high school my best friend, Nick Karels, hired me to work at a skate shop in MN. We worked there together for 7 years and eventually, after Nick left to be a full time rep, I took over the buying responsibilities for the shop. Not long after that, Nick hired me to be a full time sub-rep under him.  I eventually proved myself and received my own territory, which I currently handle for DC, Spy Optics, AWSM, and Saxx Underwear.

If our readers were interested in getting into the sales rep biz, what is some advice you would give them? 

I would say put in work. Nothing in life comes for free. This business is difficult…it takes a certain set of characteristics to be able to survive on the road. I would always say start by being affiliated with a shop, as an employee, team rider something to get your feet wet on the retail side of things.  While doing that, attend as many events as you can, help other shops and reps out. Once you get in this business it is all about the relationships that you make with your peers.  Hard work and loyalty pays off in the end.

Jon and son Riley

You recently took on another big job, fatherhood. How do you manage to rep several brands and be a husband and Dad?

Being a father is the best job in the world. It’s all about balancing work and family time. Like anything in life you have to adapt to survive. I try to give all of my accounts the best service no matter what.  Good customer service in my opinion is the key to longevity in this business.

What are some big things that your brands have cooking these days? New tech, exciting team announcements, etc..

I will try to do this by brand. 

AWSM LogoAwsm has a ton of steam.  With all of the podium spots that Torsein and team have taken this winter consumers are becoming more aware of the brand and asking for it at retail.

Saxx Logo

Saxx has a brand new model called the Quest.  It is a new nylon/spandex blend.  We also have some great new colors in the Vibe and Fiesta.  Once you give these a shot you will never wear any other underwear again.

Spy Logo

Spy has introduced the Happy Lens. Check out the Windward Spy Happy Lens review if you haven’t already done so.  Jess did an excellent job explaining our new products.  Windward is the buzz around the office at HG Spy.

We also have a couple other new collections that have been retailing very well.  Fade to black ( some new colors red, purple, blue, green that all fade to black on the temples and bottom of the frame.) White wall Matte black exterior with a White interior ) Along with several new frames. Like the Genreal, Stag, Colt, Council, Discord Honey.  Lastly you are an elite retailer that carries our Crosstown collection.  These frames are all hand made and have a classier vintage look.  These frames cater to our consumers that want to be different yet still support Spy with sophistication unmatched by our competitors. 

DC Skate Logo

DC just released the Mike Mo for Spring. It has been checking at retail very well.  The original 3 colors black, red and grey were sold out when it hit the shelves, creating a great demand. We have a new color availalble mid-March. Be sure to get yours before they are sold out again.

The new Wes Kremer shoe drops in April.  Wes’s shoe is sure to do well it is a low profile Vulc shoe with our drop in impact S insole, recessed pill patern, lace savers, dual layer toe cap with a clean look.  All of this for the low price of $70.

Lastly, the Nyjah’s first pro-model shoe will drop in 3 colors in June.  Black, red and Grey.  The technology, look and fit of this shoe will prove to be great addition to the DC line. 

Lots of changes have been happening throughout the industry. DC and Spy are both brands that have been in the game for a long time. What’s their key to longevity in your opinion?  

All brands start out as small projects. If done correctly they continue to grow and expand over the years.  Both brands have remained true to themselves and continue to thrive off our mission statements. The DC mission statement:

To be the most sought after technical skate shoe on the market. Spy-Today, SPY continues uniquely as a collaboration of extraordinary athletes, designers and creative people connected by a common obsession with action sports, technology, style, music, the world around us and the facilitation of world-class performance and unbridled fun. We make incredible products that go on your face, allowing you to see clearer, look cooler, perform better and be more comfortable while doing the things that make you feel most alive. We are committed to making the highest quality, most functional, best-looking eyewear on earth and supporting like-minded people and the pastimes that inform who we are and what we do.

We have also changed with the times and are making product that is creative, innovative, and technologically advanced. We make products not only for the true athlete but also for the mainstream fan that just wants to be a part of the culture. 

Any parting words?

You have taken a great store, vision, and a dream and made it a reality We are proud to be a part of it. 

Big Thank You to Jon for taking the time to chat with us!