Many people here in the Chicago skateboard scene have been talking about the need to open an indoor skateboard park for years now. We have Wilson here up north, Burnham down at 31st and Grant Park in the middle but nothing inside and protected from the roaring voice that is ‘mother nature Chicago’. It looks like the city of Chicago is finally making strides in this dream of indoor shred becoming a reality.

In a city council meeting on Wednesday May 5th, Mayor Daley proposed a plan to open a skate park in Chicago’s south loop at 1758 s Clark street. In the plan, the city would sell an old recycling center at this location to the park district for $1 allowing them to not only open a fresh indoor park but a 24 hour, 27,000-square-foot indoor skate park. Wow!

The plans are still in the early stages of development but Windward will be following this story closely and posting any new developments as we hear them.