With a long standing high reputation in the boarding world, Never Summer Longboards continues to build on their foundation of quality products and excellent service. The started building snowboards in 1983 and to this day, all their products are still made in the U.S.A.. Based in Denver, Never Summer is rider owned and employed and it shows in the quality of their products. They make a small collection of boards for riders who appreciate quality materials and expert craftsmanship. The 2015 Never Summer Longboards lineup is everything we would it expect it to be. A few new models, updates on the classics and killer graphics across the board.

In no particular order, here are our favorites from the Never Summer Longboards 2015 collection.

Never Summer Deviant at Windward Boardshop

Deviant Longboard

If downhill and freeride is the name of your game, then the Never Summer Deviant Longboard is the board for you. This curvy beast has a double drop, W concave and deep gas pedals that lock your feet perfectly into place. Hard carves, tight turns and elevated speeds are what this board was made for. The progressive W concave grips the arch of your foot which helps add stability during turns or higher speeds, and the double drop (drop thru mount + drop down) keeps you sitting super close to the ground which lowers your center of gravity for better balance and also makes your pushes more effortless since you don’t have to drop down as low to hit the ground. Overall, the Deviant is a super stable, highly comfortable board that any seasoned rider would appreciate.

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Never Summer Commander at Windward Boardshop

Commander Longboard

Whether you are a beginner, long time shredder or anywhere in between, we can guarantee you will  have a blast on the Never Summer Commander Longboard. Perfect for cruising or a little fancy freestyle, the Commander is stable, easy to ride and an overall super versatile board. With a low W concave, your feet are supported without feeling unbalanced while pushing and the wide body gives the rider a super stable platform that is comfortable even for bigger footed riders. A slight kick at the nose and tail offer a little added maneuverability, the 1/2″ rocker gives a slightly lowered feel to add to the stability. For those feeling a little frisky, you will enjoy the built in grab rails. Beginners love the stability and the seasoned riders love the versatility. Do it all, and do it well with help from the Never Summer Commander.

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Never Summer Reaper at Windward Boardshop

Reaper Longboard

The name says it all. The Never Summer Reaper Longboard is coming for you and we guarantee there is nowhere to hide. This downhill beast is Never Summer’s most technical, hard charging, stable board in the lineup built to handle the meanest, fasted downhill conditions you can find. Using Never Summer’s Multi-Core Technology, the Reaper is insanely lightweight and highly durable. An aggressive W concave with flared wheel wells gives the feeling that your feet are cradled on the board and completely locked in for precision turns and powerful carves. Never Summer added P-Tex at the nose and tail for additional protection (assuming you will take some slams at some point in time). Plus, the Carbonium base is damn near scratch resistant so go ahead and put the miles on this board, the creepy graphic will still be looking good at the end of it all. When you are ready to demolish your competition (on a creepy, dark road somewhere) the only choice is the Never Summer Reaper.

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Never Summer Avalanche at Windward Boardshop

Avalanche Longboard (DT/TM)

Brand new for summer ’15, the Never Summer Avalanche is about to be the talk of the town. Available in both Avalanche Drop Thru (DT) and Avalanche Top Mount (TM) options, this brand new deck is highly versatile and can handle a ton of different conditions. If you are into downhill and faster, higher speeds, opt for the drop thru version. This deck sits a little lower to the ground and will add to your overall stability. For carving and freestyle the top mount version will work best. The deck still has a slight drop so even the top mount version sits slightly lower but has plenty of clearance for deep carves and hard turns. Both versions come with Power Pedals and deep foot pockets that lock you into place offering a ton of stability and control regardless of the conditions. Grab rails are included in case you need to get rad. The icing on the cake is the weight of this board. The deck alone weighs just 3.9 lbs., which is pretty impressive. Fully kitted you are looking at under 8 lbs of pure lean, mean, freestyle-carving-downhill awesomeness.

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Never Summer Superfreak at Windward Boardshop

Superfreak Longboard

Another brand new creation from our friends in Denver, the Never Summer Superfreak Longboard is in a category all its own. This short little ripper is perfect for cruising around town, commuting or any situation where you need a more compact ride. Coming in at just 36″ long, you get all the tech and benefits that you expect from a Never Summer longboard but they’ve packed it into this perfect, shorter cruiser shape that is so much more versatile. Still capable of handling higher speeds the Superfreak comes with extra gritty grip tape and grab rails but you also get a little tail kick for ollies and overall added maneuverability. Whether you live in the city and commute to work or live in the mountains and want a fun, shorter board that can still hang with the big boys, the Never Summer Superfreak is just the board for you.

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Never Summer Heist at Windward Boardshop

Heist Longboard

A legend of the lineup, the Never Summer Heist Longboard is back with an updated graphic that is guaranteed to turn heads this summer. The only flex deck on our list, the Heist is a super lightweight, drop thru deck with massive camber and high end fiberglass materials. This construction allows this deck to be super thin yet strong and extremely lightweight. The flex is great for carving and also offers a ton of comfort when it comes to every day cruising and commuting. The drop thru mount keeps you sitting a little lower which helps with stability and makes pushing easier while the natural flex acts as a shock absorber when riding over crappy street conditions. The perfect board for freestyle and every day cruising with a weight that almost unbelievable. Fully kitted, this setup is just over 7 lbs. You can’t beat that!

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Never Summer Defender at Windward Boardshop

Defender Longboard

A super techy take on the classic pintail, the Never Summer Defender Longboard is so much more than people expect. With a 3-D machined wood core, this board weighs just 7 lbs as a complete and is perfect for cruising your local hood or a sandy beach boardwalk in some tropical land. A classic pintail in size, the Defender is 43″ long and has a directional shape. Never Summer added grab rails and a 1/2″ rocker to create a nearly perfect shape. For rolling around town in comfort and style, the Never summer Defender is the perfect board.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed the Never Summer lineup as much as we do and that you will consider supporting U.S. made goods when it comes time for your next longboard purchase!

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