You can’t talk about snowboarding without taking about Burton Bindings. These guys make great boards and boots but the bindings really stand out in sea of brands and options. From the development of the EST system to the rebirth of the step-in binding Burton has proven to be one of the best in the game when it comes to bindings, and this season is no different. Using the “trickle down tech” mentality, each binding gets better every year by passing down certain features as new tech becomes available. This keeps things fresh and gives a new perspective on classic models year after year. So, without further ado, here is our run down on the staples from Burton and what makes each of them so dang good.

Mens Bindings


Burton Freestyle at W82

In the game for over 20 years and still a best seller, the Burton Freestyle is back with some sweet tech upgrades for 2018. With an easy on the wallet price tag and all the tech you need to get yourself ripping, the Burton Freestyle continues to be a great choice for beginners everywhere. Key features include a Single-Component Baseplate with the Re:Flex disc system, brand new Single Component Highback, brand new Reactstrap ankle strap and the FullBed Cushioning System for all day comfort.  And at a price of $150, this is a pretty hefty list of tech. The Re:Flex uni-disc can attach to any brand snowboard so no need to limit yourself, and the new Single Component Highback offers more support while remaining as comfortable as ever. If you are still locking down your fundamentals, a forgiving binding is the best way to go, and no binding is more progression friendly than the Burton Freestyle.


  • Excellent price point
  • New upgrades for 2018 add major bang for your buck
  • Re:Flex binding system offers great board feel without limiting your mounting options


  • Extremely soft flex may seem too loose for some
  • More experienced riders will likely desire more responsiveness

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Burton Custom Re:Flex at W82

Now available in both EST and Re:Flex mounting options, the Burton Custom just got better than ever. This trusty binding has over 20 years of experience and continues to be the go-to binding for so many beginner to intermediate level riders. With a great price tag and some killer upgrades for 2018, the Custom is still going strong after all these years. Some key tech to note includes the bomb-proof Polycarbonate Baseplate, the new ergonomically canted Zero Lean highback, new Reactstrap Ankle Strap and the Gettagrip Capstrap over the toe. Still a soft flexing and forgiving binding, the Custom is ideal for beginners to intermediate riders and is definitely a binding that you can grow with. And thanks to all these sweet tech upgrades, you won’t be shopping for new bindings any time soon. So if you are searching for a solid set of bindings that won’t break the bank and that you won’t “grow out of” any time soon, the long living Burton Custom is an excellent option.


  • Now available in EST or Re:Flex
  • Major upgrades like the Gettagrip capstrap and Canted Zero Lean highback
  • Soft flexing and forgiving, great for beginner to intermediate riders


  • Still one of the softer bindings in the line, more aggressive riders may find them to be too loose

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Burton Mission EST Binding at W82

For those ready to step up their binding game, the Burton Mission is the perfect way to do so. Still falling into the reasonable price range but packed with a ton of tech, the Mission is basically your stairway to progression. Available in both Re:Flex and EST versions, the Mission offers a sturdy, Single Component Baseplate, Single Component Highback Construction, the Re:Flex Full Bed or EST Sensory Bed footbed and a perfect medium flex for all mountain performance. Both versions have the Reactstrap Ankle Strap and Gettagrip Capstrap to guarantee you are locked firmly in place at all times, while the Smooth Glide Buckle Technology ensures you are strapping in and out as efficiently as possible. Stepping your skills up will be easier than ever with help from the trusty Burton Mission.


  • Medium flex perfect for all mountain riding
  • Top notch straps for all day comfort and a secure ride
  • Supportive highback offers better response


  • Really none that we can find – at this price, the tech is unbeatable!

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Burton Cartel EST at W82

One of the heaviest names in the binding industry is the Burton Cartel. Around for years and ridden by top snowboarders everywhere, the Cartel keeps getting upgrades every year making the 2018 version better than ever. With a medium/stiff flex and high end features, the Cartel can handle cruising groomers, park laps and out of bounds adventures – making it a great intermediate level binding that will last for years to come. Available in both Re:Flex and EST versions, the Cartel comes equipped with the new Hammockstrap 2.0 for a secure closure with no pressure points, the dual component Smooth Glide Buckle technology that offers the smoothest ratchet in the industry and the Gettagrip Capstrap that locks down your toe edge for ultimate response. The EST version has a Dual Component Baseplate Construction with The Hinge for better medial and lateral flex and smoother ollies and the AutoCant Sensory Bed with the B3 Gel cushioning system for for added dampening and chatter reduction under your feet. The Re:Flex version comes with a Single Component Baseplate Construction, Re:Flex Fullbed Cushioning System also with the B3 Gel pad for shock absorption. Pair the EST version with your favorite channel board and pair the Re:Flex version with any other board in the shop. No matter what part of the mountain your adventure takes you to – the Burton Cartel is down ride.


  • Time tested all mountain binding
  • High end features in the straps and footbeds
  • Medium to stiff flex ideal for riders of any skill level


  • Because of the tech, the Cartel jumps just over the $250 mark

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Burton Malavita at W82

Loved by park riders and freestyle rippers all over, the Burton Malavita is back for more fun for the winter ’18 season. With high end features and a slightly softer flex, the Malavita offers the perfect blend between responsiveness and a fun, surfy ride. Always available in both Re:Flex and EST versions, the Malavita is a nice upgrade from a binding like the Mission or Cartel thanks to a few key tech features. The first on the list is the upgrade to the Heel Hammock – this feature allows your heel to back up to a “moving” part so your ride feels less rigid while still offering the responsiveness you need from your binding. Next comes the Asym Hammockstrap and Supergrip Capstrap – this combo removes any potential pressure points and locks you in place for a comfortable and secure ride every time. Finally, both footbeds come with the B3 gel pad in the heel for chatter reduction and less fatigue due to vibrations coming from the ground up. Really want to go for it with your butters this season? Opt for the winged version of the Malavita and press your way to buttery happiness. And in an added bonus for the 2018 season, Burton teamed up with Redwing Leather to offer a limited batch of the Malavita with a leather ankle strap – click the links below to check those out… If you want a surfy binding with all the bells and whistles then the Burton Malavita is the binding for you.


  • Surfy feeling  yet perfectly responsive
  • Heel hammock adds major comfort
  • Comes with some of Burton’s highest end straps


  • Price jumps over $300 (but totally worth it)
  • The softer flex may not be ideal for more aggressive riders (check out the Genesis X instead)

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Genesis / X

Burton Genesis Binding at W82

The all time shop guy binding of choice continues to be the one and only Burton Genesis. Despite the higher price point the Genesis continues to become one of the best selling Burton bindings thanks to the undeniable comfort and next level tech. The ultimate happy medium when it comes to comfort and performance, there truly is no rider that couldn’t appreciate what the Genesis has to offer. Available in both Re:Flex and and EST and also available in a much stiffer version – the Genesis X, there is a perfect version for every type of rider. There is a laundry list of tech but the top to note would be the Kickback Hammock which creates a type of suspension – this creates a comfortable ride and the feeling of a much softer binding with the response of a stiffer binding. The Double Take Buckles featuring Instaclick have ridges on both sides of the the ladder for a no-slip ratchet every time. The Hammockstrap and Super Grip Capstrap lock your boots in with a secure and comfortable closure that guarantees no pressure points or slipping of any kind. Specifics to note for each version would include on the Re:Flex version – Single Component Baseplate construction with 30% Short-Glass/Nylon Composite, 18% Short-Glass/Nylon Composite on the highback and the Re:Flex Fullbed cushioning system with Autocant, B3 Gel and re-ground materials to reduce weight. When you jump up to the EST  version you get the same baseplate and highback materials but gain the Hinge and the AutoCant SensoryBED cushioning system. Finally – if you prefer a stiffer flex all over and choose the Genesis X, the baseplate gets a 28% Carbon Fiber/Nylon upgrade and the highback jumps up to 30% Short-Glass/Nylon Composite for added stiffness. The world’s most rideable high-end binding is hands down the Burton Genesis.


  • Choose the Genesis for more flex and Genesis X for a stiffer option
  • All mountain capable and insanely comfortable
  • Top of the line tech


  • None – this binding is that amazing.

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X Base

Burton X Base EST Binding at W82

When it comes to ultimate responsiveness and performance, look no further than the carbon-loaded Burton X Base. With major cuts in weight and major additives in tech, there is no binding in the lineup that is more responsive and performance driven than the X Base. The baseplate is 50:50 Carbon Fiber / Nylon composite, the Highback is a Carbon Composite Ultra Highback, and the cushioning in the base is the ultra lightweight ThinBed made of re-ground materials to reduce waste. The ankle straps are the Asym Hammockstrap and the toe straps are the super grippy Lightweight Gettagrip Capstrap. Minimal weight, maximum performance and next level response is what you get when you upgrade to the Burton X Base.


  • Insane response due to carbon construction
  • Lightweight ThinBED cushioning for reduced weight
  • Highest end binding construction with all the best features


  • Extremely stiff
  • High price due to tech

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Women’s Bindings


Burton Stiletto Bindings at W82

Ladies, learning to snowboard doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you are riding theBurton Stiletto Bindings. These progression-friendly, super soft flexing bindings will have you linking your turns and cruising the mountain in no time. With a female-specific design and tech catered to the entry-level crowd, there is no better way to set yourself up for success this winter. You get the Re:Flex tech in a nearly bomb-proof polycarbonate base plate, a single component Canted Highback design, FullBED cushioning in the foot bed and the women’s specific True Fit Reactstrap ankle strap. Instead of the old school over-the-toe strap, you get the upgrade to the Gettagrip Capstrap for superior hold and the ability to really lock your boots into place for better response. The overall soft flex is forgiving and comfortable so you can stay on the mountain longer and keep progressing faster. Watch your skills grow and enjoy the ride on the Burton Stiletto Bindings.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Soft, forgiving flex ideal for beginner to intermediate riders
  • Re:Flex mount lets you pair these bindings with any brand board


  • Super soft flex less ideal for more aggressive riders
  • Not available in EST

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Burton Scribe EST at W82

Conquer the entire mountain this winter with one of the most versatile women’s bindings in the game – the Burton Scribe. Available in both Re:Flex and EST versions, the Scribe is a perfectly medium flexing all mountain binding that is capable of handling almost any conditions you can find. A very nice jump up from the Stiletto without breaking the price threshold of the Lexa, the Scribe gets the job done and is perfect for that intermediate level rider that does it all. The Baseplate is a 30% Short-Glass / Nylon composite, the Single Component Highback has the Living Hinge on the EST version and both footbeds feature re-ground materials to reduce waste. The Re:Flex version has the FullBED Cushioning system while the EST version upgrades to the SensoryBED. Both versions come with the women’s specific True Fit Reactstrap ankle strap and slip-free Gettagrip Capstrap on the toe. A ton of bang for your buck, and a binding that you won’t soon “grow” out of, the Burton Scribe is never a bad choice.


  • Very fair price for the tech that you get
  • All mountain binding with a medium flex
  • Perfect for riders of all skill levels


  • None that we can find, the Scribe rules!

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Burton Lexa at W82

A personal fave of myself – and Shopgirls everywhere – is the tried and true Burton Lexa. For the ladies that are really getting after it, the Lexa offers a super comfortable yet highly responsive ride making them perfect for all mountain domination. Available in both Re:Flex and EST versions, the Lexa comes stock with features like the strong and lightweight 30% Short-Glass / Nylon composite baseplate, Single Component Highback, Double Take Buckles featuring Insta-Click for a secure strap in every time and our personal favorite feature – the Heel Hammock – for insane comfort without compromising support. If you choose the Re:Flex version, you get the AutoCANT FullBED cushioning system with under-baseplate dampening and a B3 Gel pad for additional comfort and shock absorption. When you upgrade to the EST version, you get the AutoCANT SensoryBED and the unlimited adjustability of the EST system. Both models lock you into place perfectly thanks to the women’s specific True Fit Asym Hammockstrap and the Supergroup Capstrap on the toes. Tech galore, insane comfort and all-mountain rideabilty is what makes the Burton Lexa one of the best selling women’s bindings ever.


  • High end construction mixed with all-mountain rideability
  • Medium/stiff flex offers great response
  • Comfort upgrades like the Heel Hammock and B3 Gel


  • The price tag gets a little steep

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Burton Escapade at W82

The women’s version of the Genesis and the binding for the lady that knows exactly what she wants, is the Burton Escapade. The luxury sedan of the Burton women’s binding collection, the Escapade is slightly softer than the Lexa and has all the bells and whistles you could dream of, making it one of the most comfortable yet responsive women’s bindings on the market. The most awesome feature is the Kickback Hammock in the highback. This feature creates a “moving” part that your boot backs up against giving the feeling of a much more forgiving binding while still offering a ton of support. The Canted footbeds are ergonomically correct and help keep you comfortable so you can stay on the mountain longer while the added B3 Gel pad in the heel helps to dampen your ride and reduce vibrations when riding on hard pack. Top notch straps and Double Take Buckles help you get in and out of these bindings quickly and efficiently so you can spend more time enjoying the ride. Available in both Re:Flex and EST versions and ideal for riders of all skill levels thanks to the super comfortable feel. Admit it, you deserve the best. And the best is the Burton Escapade.


  • High end tech mixed with laid back comfort
  • Ideal for riders of any skill level
  • Premium tech upgrades that more experienced riders will appreciate


  • Heftiest price tag in the women’s lineup
  • Some may expect these bindings to be stiffer due to the price jump

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If this article doesn’t make you want new bindings, then we don’t know what will. Stock is ever changing so for the most up to date availability on our Burton bindings, shop burton snowboard bindings. For a list of all available bindings regardless of the brand, shop snowboard bindings. See you on the mountain!