If you are a yoga enthusiast and have yet to try SUP yoga, this is definitely your year. SUP yoga continues to grow in popularity. With that, we’re seeing many stand up paddle board companies produce boards that are either specifically made for SUP yoga or at the least, have many characteristics that make it ideal for SUP yoga.

When searching for a SUP yoga board, you want to look for a few key features:

  • We recommend at 30″+ width, a soft deck pad (0r inflatable board) and a slightly thicker profile or higher overall volume to add to the stability of the board.
  • Depending on the size of the rider, a slightly shorter board can be ideal as long as it has the width that you need.

Here is a list of some of our top picks for SUP yoga boards for the summer 2016 season.

Naish Mana Soft Top

Naish Mana Soft Top at Windward Boardshop

The Naish Mana Soft Top Paddleboard  makes our list every year and we don’t see that changing any time soon. With a durable construction and comfortable soft top, the Mana is perfect for so many recreational activities, including SUP yoga. Available in 3 different sizes (10’0, 11’0, 11’6) and ranging in width from 33″-35″, the Mana gives you all the space you need to be comfortable and stable so you can focus on your moves. The durable construction allows for wear and tear without the danger of cracked fiberglass and potential moisture issues, while the full EVA foam top sheet gives you a soft, comfortable and sturdy platform. If you are a smaller or lighter weight paddler, check out the short and sweet 10’0 x 33″. This size will be easy to lug around and maneuver in the water while still offering enough width for consistent stability. A great choice year after year, you can’t go wrong with the Naish Mana Soft Top.

  • Highly durable soft top construction
  • Wide mid-section for added space
  • Lightweight design for easy carrying

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Naish Odysseus Soft Top

Naish Odysseus Soft Top at Windward Boardshop

Short and sweet. The Naish Odysseus Paddleboard is one of our new favorites in the Naish line. Available in both a fiberglass and Soft Top option, we love the latter for all your yoga and SUP fitness needs. Specifically, we love the 9’8″ x 34″. Not only because those dimensions are perfect, but it also has a price tag that is easier to swallow. Coming in at just $999, the Odysseus is a cost-effective way to get yourself out there on a quality board that has some great features that cater to SUP yoga. The full, soft top deck pad gives you a comfortable platform for maximum stability and the extra wide body only adds to that by giving you a ton of room to move around. Weighing in at just 26 lbs, the Odysseus is also easy to transport and the soft-top construction adds major durability so it can also handle a few bumps and bruises along the way. For a versatile, fitness specific style board that also offers excellent durability, look to the Naish Odysseus.

  • Shorter length lightens weight and makes travel easier
  • Soft top construction is comfortable and durable
  • Wide body gives plenty of room for poses

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Naish Nalu Air

Naish Nalu Air at Windward Boardshop

The Naish Nalu collection of boards is their most popular model due to the super versatile, do it all shape. The Naish Nalu Air Paddleboard is the travel-friendly version that also happens to be perfect for SUP yoga. Specifically, SUP yoga on the go! Many inflatables will get a spot on this list but the Nalu Air is the longest-running inflatable thanks to it’s versatile shape. Available in 2 sizes, the 10’2 is perfect for smaller, lighter weight riders while the 11’0 can float bigger riders up to about 210 lbs. The Nalu Air rolls up into a convenient carrying case so you can toss it in your trunk or check it on an airplane for your far-away SUP yoga adventures. The premium deck pad coupled with the slightly softer feel of an inflatable makes the Nalu Air perfect for the paddler who wants to do some SUP yoga but also plans to use the board for casual, every day paddling. The Nalu can ride small waves, paddle smoothly in flat water and also offers perfect dimensions for that SUP yoga class you’ve been dying to try. One board that can do it all is definitely the Naish Nalu Air.

  • Versatile shape that is also great for everyday paddling
  • Deck storage at the nose perfect for life vest or paddle
  • Inflatable boards are easier to store and travel with

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Red Paddle Co Activ

Red Paddle Co Activ at Windward Boardshop

Red Paddle Co sees where SUP yoga is going and that’s exactly why they made a brand new board that is specifically designed for the needs of the yoga enthusiast. New for summer 2016, the Red Paddle Co Activ Paddleboard is ideal for the fitness junkie that wants to paddle but is focusing on SUP yoga, pilates and other water-friendly cross training. Available in one size (10’8 x 34″), the Activ offers a super stable platform and also has a whopping volume of 320 liters, which means the Activ can float a rider weight up to 265 lbs! So if you want your pup to tag along for your morning workout paddle, you can rest assured the Activ can float you both. Red also removed the center handle and replaced it with 4 handles at the nose, tail and each rail so you can avoid that awkward handle digging into your back when laying in Savasana. For all your active water needs, get on the Red Paddle Co Activ.

  • Designed specifically for SUP yoga and fitness
  • 4 handles (and none in the center of the board for added comfort)
  • Inflatable boards are perfect for SUP yoga retreats

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Starboard Yoga Dashama

Starboard Yoga Dashama at Windward Boardshop

Another great option for the paddler who wants to focus on SUP yoga and other fitness activities is the Starboard Yoga Dashama Paddleboard. With an extra wide profile coming in at 35″, this board is super stable and gives even beginner paddlers a perfect platform to nail those poses. With an almost 6″ thickness, the Dashama feels sturdy under your feet while the shorter 10′ length makes this board super easy to maneuver and control. Starboard removed the handle in the middle of the board so you have no bulk under you when in laying positions and they also added a Go Pro mount at the nose in case you want to shoot any photos of videos of your next class. Another added feature is the velcro paddle-holder built in at the tail so you can lock your paddle into place during class and not have to worry about it floating away while you’re not looking. Stable, easy to maneuver and a great looking graphic makes the Starboard Dashama one of our favorite boards on this list.

  • Specifically designed for SUP yoga
  • Large paddle holding handle on left side
  • Go pro mounts for adventure paddling or recording your class

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Starboard Yoga Crossover

Starboard Yoga Crossover at Windward Boardshop

For the fitness enthusiast that wants a board that is built to paddle while still offering some key features desired for SUP yoga, the Starboard Yoga Crossover Paddleboard is definitely the board for you. With the dimensions of your average all-around SUP board and the features of a yoga-specific board, the Crossover is the best of both worlds. This inflatable offers a full EVA deck pad, specifically placed handles making it easy to pull yourself back on to the board, a paddle-holding velcro strap at the tail and a Go-Pro mount at the nose. The dimensions are 11’2 x 32″ which is perfect for so many different riders and the 6″ thickness offers a majorly stable platform so even beginners can feel comfortable right off the bat. D-rings are included on the sides and nose and tail for anchors and the brand new carbon rail adds more stiffness than you’ve experienced on an inflatable stand up paddle board. For the ultimate in paddling and fitness versatility, go with the Starboard Yoga Crossover.

  • Versatile shape ideal for yoga and everyday paddling
  • Large paddle holding handle on left side
  • Go pro mounts for adventure paddling or recording your class

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of our favorite SUP yoga boards for 2016. You should now have a good place to start on your search for the best SUP yoga board that will work for you. Namaste!

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