UPDATE: Looking for the latest SUP Yoga Board review?
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Best 2016 SUP Yoga Boards

If yoga at your local studio is part of your day to day life, it might be time to spice things up with a some SUP yoga classes this summer. You’ve mastered all the key poses on your mat and now it’s time to nail that headstand out on the water. Twice the fun and a great workout to do with friends, SUP yoga continues to grow and the need for yoga-friendly boards is expanding along with it.

Coincidentally, many boards that are great for beginners are also perfect for sup yoga. When looking for the right board you need a flat deck pad area, ample width (usually 32″ – 36″) and a higher overall volume to help you feel more stable. Another nice to have feature is a softer deck pad. That’s why you will find inflatables and soft tops on our list. These materials are way more comfortable than laying on a fiberglass board and they also happen to be highly durable. Whether it’s your first time doing yoga on the water or you are a seasoned pro, there is a board on this list that will be perfect for you.

Naish Mana Air at Windward Boardshop

Naish Mana Air

You will see a few inflatable options come up on our list but the Naish Mana Air SUP Board is our personal favorite. Inflatables are perfect for SUP yoga because by nature, they are less rigid. This makes them much more comfortable when laying down on your back or side. The Mana sizing is also perfect for yoga, coming in at just under 10 feet, this board is super easy to maneuver while the 34″ width offers a highly stable platform. With a high overall volume, this board can hold a rider up to about 230 lbs and the 6″ thickness adds to to overall feeling of great stability. Gear tie downs at the nose give you a place to stash your paddle during class and built in handle makes for easy carrying. Looking into the Costa Rica SUP retreat? You can bring your along with no problem. This board rolls up perfectly into a handy bag and you can check it on the plane with the rest of your luggage. Whether your next SUP yoga class is on your local lake or some tropical destination, the Naish Mana Air is up for the adventure.

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Naish Mana Soft Top at Windward Boardshop

Naish Mana Soft Top

Similar to it’s inflatable counterpart that we mentioned above, the Naish Mana Soft Top SUP Board is also a great option for a yoga specific SUP board. Available in 3 different sizes, there is a perfect shape for every type of yoga enthusiast out there. Ranging in width from 33″-35″ the Mana Soft Top has a huge, highly comfortable deck area making this board extremely stable, no matter which length you choose. Soft tops are great for yoga because the entire top sheet is made of deck pad material. Not only is this material softer and more comfortable, it’s also super grippy so you have a little extra stability. Finally, soft tops are highly durable so if you happen to float off while in your child’s pose and bump into the dock, the board can handle it. Durability and comfort at a great price, the Naish Mana Soft Top is one of the best.

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Red Paddle Co Ride 10'8 at Windward Boardshop

Red Paddle Co Ride 10’8

In the world of inflatable SUP boards, the Red Paddle Co Ride 10’8 SUP Board is infamous. Red Paddle Co specializes in inflatable stand up paddle boards. They have one of the nicest pumps and bags and their boards have a higher PSI rating than any other inflatable on the market (25 psi). These boards got a new look for summer ’15 and the new blue color is awesome in person. This vibrant board is stable, rigid and very comfortable. With a 34″ width, the rider has ample space to stretch, bend and pose his / her way into complete relaxation. Tie downs at the nose give you a place to stash your paddle and the built in handle make for easy transport / carry. Thanks to the higher PSI rating, the Ride 10’8 can hold a rider upwards of 220 lbs so you can even bring a friend for a little acro yoga if you’re up to it.

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C4 Holo Holo at Windward Boardshop

C4 Holo Holo

Another superior all around SUP board that also happens to be perfect for SUP yoga is the C4 Holo Holo SUP Board. Based off their highly popular Beachboy model, the Holo Holo is a soft top version making it much more comfortable, durable and affordable. Available in 2 sizes – 10’6″ and 11’6″ both with a 32″ width, full EVA foam topsheet for comfort and durability and a built in handle for easy carry. Durable, lightweight and perfectly shaped for all your sup yoga needs.

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C4 ISup XXL at Windward Boardshop


We will close out our list with a board that has been making our SUP yoga article for years, the C4 ISup XXL SUP Board. This extra wide ride comes in just under 11′ so it’s short enough to control and maneuver easily while still being wide enough to really give the rider a stable, sturdy platform. Gear tie downs at the nose give you a place to store you dry bag, life vest or paddle during class and extra soft EVA foam deck pad is perfectly comfortable and offers great traction as well. The 34″ width offers a highly stable footing area and thanks to the 183l volume, the XXL can hold a rider up to about 240 lbs. High stability, clean look and just an all around multi-functional inflatable paddle board!

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If you’ve been hesitant in the past about inflatables, contact us and come rent one of ours for the day (if you are local). We promise you won’t be disappointed.  See you all on the water! Namaste.

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UPDATE: Looking for the latest SUP Yoga Board review?
Checkout out our new post on the Best 2016 SUP Yoga Boards.

Best 2016 SUP Yoga Boards