The boys over at Almost have come up with some pretty impressive skateboard construction over the years. Finding ways to make your skateboard deck take impact better so it lasts longer is no easy task, and these guys seem to come up with some solid formulas. In this article we will break down the benefits of upgrading your classic 7-ply for one of these powerful decks.

Impact Support

Placing carbon fiber reinforced discs in the direct area where your trucks attach the board create a dampening effect that disperses the impact energy throughout the entire board. The process includes Epoxy Resin anchor adhesion points to fully integrate the disc into the board so they wont separate from each other. For hard landings from big tricks, Impact Support will help ease the amount of pressure coming from your trucks, into your deck and onto your feet. Almost is so sure this tech works that they include a 30 day warranty on each Impact Support deck.

Almost Impact Tech

Double Impact

Stemming from the success of their Impact Support decks, Almost took it to the next level adding a full carbon top sheet to the already powerfully reinforced decks. This feature allows them to remove 1 ply of wood making this deck stronger and lighter than ever. Carbon fiber layer, canadian maple and reinforcement discs equals one super light and extra diesel decks. Stronger than it’s little brother, Impact Support, the Double Impact decks all come with a 45 day warranty.

Almost Double Impact Tech

Über Light

The brainchild of Rodney Mullen, the Uber Light stands in a class by itself. In their words “some high tech shit” came together and created the strongest, most poppy, responsive, easy to spin deck on the market. Sandwiched inside the board is a carbon fiber foam deck that is super lightweight and almost at stiff as metal. Acting like a spine thru the entire deck, this construction creates a deck that will last far longer than any other. Über decks all come with a 30 day warranty.

Almost Double Impact Tech