Womens Gore-Tex Jackets

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If you’re looking for ultimate protection against the elements, shop The House’s collection of women’s GORE-TEX® jackets that are perfect for a full day in the outdoors. Designed to withstand rain, snow and frigid temperatures, these jackets will keep you warm and dry while also including ventilation that allows for breathability on days of more rigorous activity. These jackets are versatile and work well for snowboarding, skiing, hiking or everyday wear. Browse our numerous colors and styles to find something that you love. You can’t go wrong with any of these waterproof shells that are perfect for layering and are up to any challenge.
Size: Medium
$168.95 168.95 $225.00 (25% Off)
Size: X-Small, Large, X-Large
$486.95 486.95 $649.00 (25% Off)

Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
$281.95 281.95 $375.00 (25% Off)
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