Wetsuits are widely used for a variety of different water sports, from surfing to skin diving—and many others in between. Wetsuits typically are made from neoprene, which is a soft and highly flexible material. Wetsuits allow for a thin layer of water to exist between the inner lining of the suit and your skin. This layer of water warms up, providing insulation and protection while you enjoy water sports. By using a wetsuit, you can enjoy water sports of different types, even in cold temperatures, for longer periods of time.
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Since their invention in 1952, wetsuits have become a key item in the wardrobe of surfers, wakeboarders, windsurfers, water-skiers, divers, and many other water sort enthusiasts worldwide. These key performance items, which began as mere sheets of easily torn foam, have essentially progressed to being high tech equipment themselves. Today, water athletes can take their sports to new heights with the protection and performance enhancement wetsuits provide.

Made of foamed neoprene, wetsuits work to keep the wearer comfortable and safe by offering buoyancy, thermal insulation, aerodynamic technology and protection against scrapes and scratches from hazards encountered in the water. Speaking of the insulating properties, they provide comfort to by keeping the chill away without conducting heat thanks to the gas bubbles within the fabric. This makes for a much more comfortable time on the water and provides an ideal breaker to the wind when zipping along at a fast and fun pace.

Today, wetsuits are made by the top names in the water sports game like O'Neill and Jet Pilot in full-length sizes and “shorties” and can be matched easily with boots, gloves, and hoods.

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