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Lib Tech Wakesurf Boards, Wakesurfers from The House are perfect for spending an entire summer out on the lake this year. Lib Tech is a board sports brand that is dedicated to creating quality products made to be environmentally friendly for those who want the best performance possible anytime they venture out. Whether you are an experienced wakesurfer or are just starting out, you are sure to find a wakesurf board that will fit your needs. Our selection of Lib Tech wakesurfers features boards in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles so that you can find something that fits your needs---from skim-style wakesurf boards to classic surf shapes. These wakesurfers also have fin boxes so that you can add or remove fins to customize the board to the feel that you want. This summer, grab one of these Lib Tech wakesurf boards so that you can get behind the boat and experience a summer full of fun.
Lib Tech Air'n Skim Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 4in
$679.99 679.99
$849.99 (20% Off)
Lib Tech Crak'n Techno Pop Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 4in
$752.71 752.71
$999.99 (25% Off)
Lib Tech Air'n Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 4in, 4ft 6in
$679.99 679.99
$849.99 (20% Off)
Lib Tech Hydro Snapper Skim Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 7in
$639.81 639.81
$849.99 (25% Off)
Lib Tech Yachtsea Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 9in, 5ft
$679.99 679.99
$849.99 (20% Off)

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