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Connelly Wakesurf Boards, Wakesurfers from The House are a great excuse to spend your summer tearing it up behind the boat every afternoon. Connelly is a well-known water sports brand that has been in the industry for over 50 years, delivering quality technology and performance season after season with each wakesurf board they create. With a wide variety of wakesurfer shapes and styles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect board for you. Whether you’re just starting out and are looking for something stable or you want something looser for tricks, there are wakesurfers for all ages and all performance levels. These wakesurfers also come in plenty of color options, allowing you to find a board that matches your personal preference. This summer, take turns riding the wake with your friends with one of these top-quality Connelly wakesurf boards.
Connelly Fishbone Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 9in
1053 $1,053.00
Connelly VooDoo Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 5in, 4ft 10in, 5ft 1in
536.25 $536.25
Connelly Katana Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 7in, 4ft 10in
702 $702.00
Connelly Benz Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 4in
585 $585.00
Connelly Cuda Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 8in, 5ft
468 $468.00
Connelly Jet Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 7in, 4ft 10in
750.75 $750.75
Connelly VooDoo Wakesurfer Womens
Size: 4ft 10in
536.25 $536.25
Connelly Tracer Wakesurfer
Size: 52in, 55in, 58in
702 $702.00
Connelly Lil Easy Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 6in
682.5 $682.50
Connelly Bentley Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 4in, 4ft 9in, 5ft
429 $429.00
Connelly Habit Wakesurfer
Size: 52in, 56in
507 $507.00
Connelly AK Wakesurfer
Size: 4ft 10in
887.25 $887.25

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