Hyperlite Wakeboard Bindings

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Size: 10-14
219.99 $219.99
Size: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
From: $163.08 163.08 $360.00 (55% Off)

Size: 7/8
$215.36 215.36 $530.00 (59% Off)
Size: 9, 12, 13
From: $157.03 157.03 $315.00 (50% Off)

Size: 10, 12
From: $169.86 169.86 $340.00 (50% Off)
Size: 10
$212.65 212.65 $390.00 (45% Off)

Size: 7, 8, 12, 13
From: $155.53 155.53 $375.00 (59% Off)
Size: 7, 8, 9, 12
From: $155.53 155.53 $375.00 (59% Off)

Size: 13
$299.99 299.99 $340.00 (12% Off)
Size: 12
$299.99 299.99 $340.00 (12% Off)
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Whether you are a beginner, somewhere in-between, or a truly advanced rider, as you are building your complete wakeboarding set up, you want to make sure you get a comfortable pair of high-performing wakeboard bindings! Buying a Hyperlite wakeboard binding can give you the peace of mind you need, certain that your option with delivering everything you need to ride with confidence and master the sport.

Featuring a variety of binding options, Hyperlite puts care and detail into every offering. If you are looking for something with more versatility, a wakeboard binding with an open toe, and the boot and binding in one piece, will be a great option if you are hoping to have groups riding together. The open toe version from Hyperlite allows for some ""wiggle room"" in terms of sizing, so it won't be too big or too small and will work for a run of sizes.

If you are seeking out the ultimate in performance and want to improve your skills, going with a separate wakeboard binding and boot from Hyperlite will provide confident hold, higher-end materials, and will help you transfer more power to your board. While most people will not be able to share boots, because the singular bindings are adjustable, you can fit a range of boot sizes into them, so there is still some versatility there. By choosing a boot instead of a Hyperlite boot-binding singular piece, you will get a closed-toe form, a more custom feel, the addition of an ankle and toe strap, and other performance-driven features.