Hyperlite Wakeboards

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The-House.com has a huge selection of several dozens of Hyperlite Wakeboards! Search the wide range of measurements to suit your size and discover graphically decked out Wakeboards by Hyperlite today. We'll back you with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and ship out your new Hyperlite Wakeboards within 24 hours of purchase, Monday-Friday. The-House.com, keeping the stoke alive since 1982.
Size: 125cm
$259.23 259.23 $550.00 (53% Off)
Size: 138cm
$218.72 218.72 $520.00 (58% Off)

Size: 141cm
$277.95 277.95 $600.00 (54% Off)
Size: 134cm, 138cm
From: $218.22 218.22 $565.00 (61% Off)

Size: 140cm
$268.71 268.71 $600.00 (55% Off)
Size: 135cm
274.99 $274.99

Size: 138cm
$799.99 799.99 $900.00 (11% Off)
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Feel confident in your purchase, by choosing Hyperlite wakeboards! Beginners and advanced wakeboarders alike, Hyperlite puts thoughtful detail and design into every model in their lineup. Beginner versions are methodically created to help with learning, boost confidence, and provide an easy-going overall ride. Intermediate wakeboards have added and upgraded elements to offer more speed and pop, allowing for harder carves, faster speeds, and more aggressive riding. Hyperlite knocks it out of the park on their advanced and professional-grade designs, for elite riders who feel extremely confident in what they are doing.

With an impressive and legendary team of riders, Hyperlite wakeboards have the pros on their side, with riders like Shaun Murray, Rusty Malinoski, Lisa Baloo, Trever Maur, and others.

Here at The House, we carry a great variety of wakeboards from Hyperlite, as well as binding, system, and package options! We offer their popular best sellers and sought-after pro models, in a variety of sizes each season, so you can find the perfect board for you. Along with your wakeboard, you can find a ton of accessories from Hyperlite, including life vests, ballast bags, lines and handles, and more!