Volkl innovation and new technology will help you ride everything from the backcountry to the bunny hill. In use since 1923 on the winter hills of Germany, Volkl skis, equipment, and clothing are known worldwide for their quality, performance, and use of the latest in ski-technology. Volkl's varied and exciting product line includes skis for every type of skier and ability, ski bags, beanies, and casual wear such as polo-style shirts and t-shirts, hoodies and gloves, all manufactured with quality and performance in mind.

Volkl Alpine Ski Gear

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Franz Volkl literally took the reins from his father in 1923 when he designed the first pair of Volkl skis, initially called "Vostras". His father, Georg, was a master cartwright who built horse drawn carriages. Since 1875, the family had resided in Straubing, Germany in Lower Bavaria, and the company still manufactures skis there today. By 1952, Franz Volkl Jr. had taken over for his father. He began to dramatically change the concept and design of the Volkl ski line. He introduced the Zebra-Ski, which was mocked by the industry, but became a world wide favorite.

1970 opened the doors to the world of the elite ski racing athlete, and to several awards in the World Cup, World Championships, and Winter Olympics that were won by racers outfitted in Volkl skis. The Zebra-Ski led into the Renntiger, which was an all-metal ski. Next was the introduction of carbon fibre and this set Volkl steps ahead of their competition. The 1980's sparked the P9 series, which helped increase Volkl's sales with the help of three time World Champion Maria Walliser. These Professional Skinetik Powerline skis were designed to be an extension of the human body. Another profound movement by Volkl came shortly after Franz Volkl Jr. sold the company to the Swiss group Gregor Furrer & Partner Holding AG, after running it for 40 years. The Carver was invented and it is still considered one of the greatest skiing developments. In 1999, Volkl moved into their new state of the art facility in Straubing.

Volkl has continued to win several prestigious ski awards for their innovative and sophisticated ski products in both the alpine and freestyle markets. For the 2013/1014 Ski Magazine Buyer's Guide, they recently won 5 out of the 9 prestigious "Best in Test" awards. In addition to the Marker binding brand, Volkl also has their own line of performance wear. Even their outerwear is a continuation of the edgy and creative developments of the Volkl brand, representing all levels and disciplines in the ski industry.

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