We all know or have heard of this groundbreaking brand that has created some of the most innovative products such as the Under Armour HeatGear®, ColdGear®, AllSeasonGear®, and Charged Cotton® to name a few. A revolution in performance gear was started because of this new technology. This is all thanks to Kevin Plank, the creator of Under Armour.

Kevin Plank founded Under Armor in 1996 in the basement of his grandmothers house in Georgetown. He started his company on the idea that there had to be some way to make a shirt that, unlike cotton, would thrive in undesirable weather conditions. His first successful product he named the #0037, which was a HeatGear® t-shirt made with synthetic fabrics for the most athletic benefits in hot weather. Within a year of Under Armour being founded, Kevin made his first team sale and made $17,000 that year. Since then, they have created specific lines for women, boys, girls and most outdoor sports.