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Sweet Protection blends industry-leading innovation with finer craftsmanship to create a safe and advanced protective gear that people will love. Sweet pushes to inspire outdoor enthusiast from ski racers to weekend warriors and everyone in between. Their core design philosophy is Stronger, Lighter, and Better which embodies a guideline in which they make all their decisions. Sweet is based out of Norway and has taken over the world by storm with a strong team of extreme sports athletes and actives sports lifestylists.

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Sweet Protection Clockwork Max Rig Reflect Goggles
$90.41 90.41
$189.95 (52% Off)
Sweet Protection Trooper II SL MIPS Ski Helmet
Size: M/L
$178.47 178.47
$299.95 (41% Off)
Sweet Protection Volata MIPS Ski Helmet
Size: L/XL, M/L
$149.24 149.24
$279.95 (47% Off)
Sweet Protection Boondock Rig Reflect Goggles
$76.13 76.13
$159.95 (52% Off)
Sweet Protection Looper MIPS Ski Helmet
Size: L/XL, M/L
From: $108.68 108.68
$169.95 (33% Off)
Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS Ski Helmet
Size: L/XL, M/L
$171.32 171.32
$249.95 (31% Off)
Sweet Protection Blaster II MIPS Jr. Ski Helmet Kids
Size: Small, M/L
From: $83.10 83.10
$129.95 (33% Off)

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