As a pro snowboarder dedicated to producing unique but high quality snowboards, Gigi Ruf founded Slash by GiGi in 2012. His dream was to break the mold on performance and style by creating a snowboard line for all types of riding. These snowboards include the ATV, Paxson, Park, Straight, and Happy Place so that from park to pow, Slash snowboards can take you there.

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Slash by GiGi makes boards that cater to all types of riding. They use high quality materials in order to make great boards for the best riding experience. This is why the Slash ATV Hub was named the men's all mountain Good Wood 2013 by Transworld Snowboarding. With the camber profile and liberal rocker in the tips, this snowboard allows the versatility to ride well in both park and powder. Slash also carries top performing snowboards including the Park, Straight, Happy Place, and the Paxson, which was specifically designed for team member Johnnie Paxson. As creator of this company and pro snowboarder himself, Gigi Ruf set out to create his own unique line of boards. With the re-curved tips, Gigi brings a new identity to the snowboard while still maintaining its functionality. He believes that, "the one with the most fun wins!" which is why Slash created a line-up of boards for all types of riding.