Born in the French Alps in 1947, Salomon is committed to pushing the boundaries of mountain sports through the creation of innovative equipment that allows people to play, progress and challenge themselves in their chosen outdoor sports. From skis to snowboards, and hiking shoes to running shoes; Salomon offers something for everyone, allowing passion and creativity to lead the way. With a deep-seated love for the mountains, and a desire to adapt and grow, Salomon continues to lead the industry by developing both highly functional and sustainable gear for your next adventure.

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Salomon has been around since 1947. The history of this company has led them to create top of the line products that can keep up with even the most elite athletes. They strive to create products that can excel in all types of weather because let’s face it, the great outdoors isn’t all that predictable anymore. All products created by Salomon are tested and proven to be some of the best for what they’re made for. In the case of hiking shoes, it was no coincidence that Jennifer Phaar Davis chose the synapse hiking shoe to claim the overall Appalachian Trail thru hike record in August 2011. Salomon maintains a continuous drive to produce the best products for running, hiking, backpacking, skiing, and snowboarding to continue to provide for ambitious people like Jennifer. They also work in close proximity with top athletes to create limited edition Salomon skis in their S-Lab with cutting edge designs to make for better overall performance in various conditions. Salomon has been passionate about developing and progressing their products forcing their company to challenge themselves and the people who purchase their products. is your shop for Salomon Gear. We carry all Salomon products including Women's Salomon Snowboards , Salomon Snowboard Packages , Salomon Snowboard Bindings, Salomon Snowboard Boots and more!