Moment is a brand that takes deep pride in its consistent, humble nature. Founded in 2003 out of Reno, Nevada, Moment strives to buck short-lived trends out of their system and simply stick to what works for them. And what works for them is rooted in a deep American heritage with a Made in USA label that matters to their customers. Moment also has great appeal to all you nature people out there. Their green contributions ring to the tune of 95% domestically sourced materials and FSC certified wood cores that are heavily utilized in each of their personalized, handcrafted skis. And hey man, their skis are pretty great too. Taking part in a great range of variety, Moment boasts an impressive array of styles that any type of rider can admire. If their “out of style” square tips don’t sound appealing to you at this time, Moment is a patient company that knows you’ll be back craving their products. They specialize in the informed consumer. Read More about Moment

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