Imagine Surf is a company dedicated to the ancient sport of stand up paddling, or SUP. They are located in the southern California coastal city of San Clemente. The company's employees are avid surfers themselves. "We all surf, we all paddle, and we are all stoked to be apart of this amazing ride." Imagine Surf makes several different types of stand up paddle boards, as well as paddles and other accessories.

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Size: 10ft 2in
$399.95 $799.00 (50% Off)
Size: Adjustable (67-83in)
$71.95 $249.00 (71% Off)

Size: Adjustable (67-83in)
$71.95 $249.00 (71% Off)
Size: 12ft 6in
$877.95 $1299.99 (32% Off)

Size: Adjustable (50-70in)
$53.95 $99.00 (46% Off)
Size: 12ft
$827.95 $1499.00 (45% Off)

Size: 10ft
$741.95 $1099.00 (32% Off)
Size: 10ft 6in
$819.95 $1209.99 (32% Off)
Recently, the company was purchased by Pryde Group, a successful action water sports market leader. In July 2012, the company hired Dave Kalama, an internationally renowned stand up paddler and Hawaiian surfing champion, to become their Vice President of Design and Innovation. Kalama helped reintroduce the sport of stand up paddle surfing to the United States in the 1990's. Now he is helping Imagine Surf become even more innovative and remain a market leader. Kalama stated that his role gives him the resources to create the best possible products.