Hollandia Bikes are the ultimate in both style and comfort. If you’re looking to cruise around town and turn some heads, then these Hollandias are your answer. They are perfect for eco-conscious individuals as they contain ample room for carrying groceries or other goods around. You can leave your car behind and feel good about your positive contribution to the environment. Hollandia Bikes are very high quality, stylish, durable, and beautifully constructed. Feel good about yourself with Hollandia.

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If you like a leisurely bike ride out on the town every once in a while, the Hollandia series is for you! Since 1886, Hollandia has been creating beautiful bicycles that perform as wonderful as they look. These bold bikes are sold across the globe to over a thousand vendors, so whether you’re commuting on the San Francisco hills or riding through New York’s city parks, you can always get your hands on a Hollandia bike. Featuring elegant designs of bikes that are pleasing to the eye and more importantly, user-friendly, Hollandia bikes steal the show with a modern and humbled look that provides luxurious comfort. The bikes feature special transportation racks to carry your stash for easy commutes, and now there are various accessories you can add to your Hollandia. From crate covers to pannier bags, you can make your Hollandia bike the hippest masterpiece on wheels. These bikes also come with a bell on them, so you ring bell at those bad drivers and crowding pedestrians!