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Stero Skateboards History:
Founded in '92 by renowned professional skateboarders and longtime friends Jason Lee and Chris Pastras, Stereo came as a breath of fresh air during a time that many skaters felt that skateboarding had creatively hit rock bottom.

Stereo's unique and highly innovative approach to skating, with emphasis on style, originality, and plain old fashion fun, was quickly embraced by the skateboard community. By incorporating street art, 50s and 60s design, jazz album cover artwork, and ideas pulled from early men's magazines, Stereo has been credited as revolutionizing skateboard graphics, artwork, and advertising. The classic Americana styles Stereo produced -- and continues to produce -- carries with it a lightness and humor that promotes individuality and creativity amongst skateboarders of all ages.

Together, Jason and Chris released two skateboard films: A Visual Sound ('94) and Tincan Folklore ('96). Going against the grain with the use of 8mm film, black and white still photography, and avant-garde music -- some of which composed by Chris and Jason -- the two films are now revered as classics within the skateboard community.

In '96, Jason set skateboarding aside to pursue an acting career and has since appeared in many big screen productions. Chris headed Stereo entirely on his own in Jason's absence. However, despite his painstaking efforts to keep the company alive, the legacy came to an end in '00. Chris went on to pursue other interests outside of the skateboarding business. He attended college full-time and focused more on his art, skating for fun on the side.

As fate would have it, however, Chris and Jason joined forces again in '03 to re-launch Stereo under Giant Distribution. With a new team of skateboarders and other influential artists, musicians, actors and individuals dubbed Sound Agents, Stereo quickly gained momentum.

In addition to resurrecting Stereo, Jason and Chris continued to advance their personal careers. Jason landed the leading role on NBC's hit sitcom My Name is Earl, and Chris was beginning to establish himself as prominent figure in the contemporary art world, displaying his work at world-famous galleries all across the globe.

Jason and Chris released their third film, Way Out East, in '04. Shot exclusively with 8mm and 16mm film, the video documented a three-week long road trip through London, New York, and Paris. With the same jazzy feel and innovate approach to skateboarding as the first two Stereo releases, Way Out East was regarded by many as an instant classic.

Stereo parted ways with Giant Distribution in the summer of '06 to pursue the independent route. The two partners wasted no time setting up shop and were fully operational within a matter of weeks. Today's Sound Agents are considered to be some of the most naturally gifted and innovative skateboarders on the scene. The internationally diverse team consisting of Clint Peterson, Danny Supa, Olly Todd, Daniel Shimizu, Danny Renaud, Benny Fairfax, Tony Silva, and Dyson Ramones is a true skateboarding force to be reckoned with.

Amidst ongoing collaborations with both Kangol and Etnies, as well as the forthcoming release of a highly anticipated film tentatively titled Journey Through Sound, Stereo is well on its way to becoming a creative lifestyle powerhouse.
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