If you want to pedal away on a bike that has a long history of providing two-wheeled riding machines, look no further than Fuji. With a history stretching back to 1899, Fuji Bikes has long been getting people rolling and has continued to evolve in the cycling industry by offering a wide variety of bikes for riders of any style.

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Size: 15in, 17in, 21in
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Size: 17in, 19in, 21in
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Size: 17in, 19in, 21in
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Size: 56cm
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Size: 50cm
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There are lots of bike companies to choose from but Fuji has a strong legacy of inovation and great service that goes back to its founding in late 1800s. That’s over a century’s worth of cycling knowledge! Whether you're looking for recreation, racing, or commuting across town, Fuji Bikes has the comfort and style to make the ride enjoyable.