Dynafit is sure to fit all of your dynamic winter and summer sporting needs. Ranging from men and women's clothing and equipment to skis and helmets, Dynafit covers all the possibilities and then some. Their clothing features cutting edge technology such as 4 way stretch technology to fit all shapes and sizes, UV protection to keep your skin from getting sunburned on those hot summer runs, anti-abrasion technology to keep your body from scraping or getting injured from a fall or collision, MP3 player capability to help you listen to your music while working out, and wicking technology that whisks away sweat from your body on humid days to help regulate body temperature. Other advancements in their products include water resistant jackets that are perfect for keeping you from getting wet while skiing or snowboarding, shoes with a claw sole design which achieve maximum grip when climbing or wadding through a rocky river, and even Dynafit compression technology designed to help circulate blood flow and oxygen to the parts of your body that need it most. Don't settle for less, only go with the best. Dynafit products are sure to impress and keep you doing what you love to do.

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