Curtis windsurfing fins are built by Gorge Sport USA. A company that is well known by surfers world wide for their top notch quality and innovative products. You see, G-Sports is run by sailors for sailors and in developing the Curtis Brand, G-Sports consulted with the world's leading fin designer's and sailors so they could develop the best windsurfing fins for all skill levels and ages. Gorge Sports takes an almost scientific approach to their designs as they observe what sailors from around the world want and collect data from hundreds of professional sailors to help develop innovative windsurfing equipment. This means Curtis brand fins are a constantly evolving product which are crafted from the information and experience of windsurfing veterans to bring you something with real performance benefits for when you are out on the water. Read More about Curtis

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Curtis/G Sport Company Info:
Gsport fins are well known to riders around the world. Gorge Sport USA has always worked with the world's most renowned fin designers and sailors of all skill levels, a the leader of the pack. Fin development centers on high quality precision work and production designed to allow smooth water flow! Sailor feedback is the foundation for product development and marketing.

You can always trust a Gsport fin product from Gorge Sport USA. Fins are selected from inventory for all sailors , even professional. Professional sailors have won on Gsport Fins in Freestyle, Waves, Super X, Slalom and Formula. These are the same fins you can buy. It is a high and risky standard that Gsport fins must meet, a challenge the company pursues with vigor daily.

The first fins were branded as GFC, and from 2001 as Gsport. Gorge Sport USA fins have carried the Gorge Fin Connection, Orca and Curtis graphics since 1994. These fins have enjoyed worldwide acceptance.

New for 2005 is an extreme makeover uniting all graphics under the new Gsport and Orca graphic presentation. The bigger news is in performance as we have made structural and weight changes in many fins as well as ongoing refinement.

The Gsport mission statement is central to the operation. That mission is to take the world's finest designs and improve them while bringing great fins into precision construction and worldwide distribution. Design comes from observation worldwide. Data is collected from sailors, instructors, and professional sailors. Most design and evolution flows from sailor to designer as opposed to the reverse. Gsport fin products are sailor evolved and developed. From that, Gsport developers learn and improve, making design better. Design flows from what is learned from sailors in their local sailing areas.

That said, the process of design flows in reverse of most designs. From sailor to developer in most cases. While good design, engineering, and production is central the final product, it is important to note this behavioral approach centered on sociological record keeping and observation is unique. Knowing how product behaves in your environment from your direct first hand feedback is a critical link. Good scientists document their own observations. Gorge Sport staff is dedicated to the same.

Thanks to feedback from riders around the world our products keep getting better and better, year after year! For 2005 we bring out the new Gsport Freestyle T_1, a collaborative process of design with Gsport Pro Taty Frans and family with Gorge Sport USA owner and developer Bill Kline. This one of many collaborative projects in the history of Gsport.
Our fins serve every sailor, board, conditions anywhere in the world!
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