Circa shoes meets the quality and durability needed by todays skateboarders. Founded in the fall of 1999, Circa has been developing, designing, and testing their apparel on the streets. Circa skate shoes are worn by many types of riders all around the world. Skateboarding has become a way of life for many, and the genuine design and quality is reflected in their great products. It is evident that Circa is committed to skateboarding and, ultimately, skateboarders. Read More about Circa

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Founded in 1999, Circa has been creating and designing skateboarding shoes and clothing for over 15 years and has become one of the leading manufacturers and designers in the industry. They work hard to meet the needs of skateboarders and create some of the most innovative designs available.

Circa knows the needs of skateboarders because they develop, design, and test their products out on the streets with the skateboarders that wear their clothing and shoes. They know what skateboarders need and want, and are never willing to sacrifice comfort for style or style for comfort. They understand the importance of creating a balance between the two and offering a product that meets the needs of their customers.