Celtek gloves, mittens, t-shirts, backpack and hats are accessories for snowboarders and people who love the outdoors. Celtek gloves are known for providing lasting durability at a great price. Celtek offers a great selection of mittens and gloves that keep your hands warm and give your hands the breathability you need. Celtek also has a great selection on caps, beanies and backpacks, as well as great t-shirts in several colors and designs for maximum comfort and style.

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Get ready to frolic in the cool winter air with Celtek snowboard mittens and gloves. These comfy and warm hand warmers are designed to give your digits the maximum amount of movement while also remaining super toasty. When you're trying to enjoy your time on the ski slopes, your last thought should be frigid fingers.

Constructed with the best quality materials such as water repellent poly Oxford nylon, Velcro enclosures, and Superloft insulation, Celtek mitts and gloves have provide the perfect combination of coziness and weight.

Celtek makes superior quality apparel, gear, backpacks, and hats for snowboards and other outdoor enthusiasts and these mittens and gloves are your ticket to a blast on the mountainside.