You can't just nail some wheels to a board and call it a skateboard. If you want to get a smooth ride out of your board then you need to make sure you're rolling with the Bones skateboard bearings. Made to be durable and dependable, these bearings are designed for less friction and easy cleaning. With Bones bearings you know that each time you push off you'll be able to get a smooth glide.

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Bones has been crafting a top-quality skateboard bearings since 1983, pushing the speed limits of top pro skaters ever since. The ceramic Bones bearings help skaters accelerate faster, roll farther, and resist dirt and moisture better. Designed for skateboarders of all levels, Bones skateboard bearings also have high speed nylon ball retainer to provide added speed and strength. Their bearings have Skate Rated clearances, tolerances, materials, and lubricant to give their customers the best performance and durability possible for their decks. Whether you're a first time skater or a veteran thrasher, Bones bearings will let you wreck the competition.