Crab Grab Stomp Pads & Leashes

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Grab your board and shake off that snow with Crab Grab stomp pads and leashes. The stomp pads will give you a killer grip whether you're on the ski lift or pulling a wicked one-footed trick. With Crab Grab's first-class traction and lightweight material, you'll never lose your foot when you're on the slopes. Nothing grabs like a crab and you can enjoy a wide array of awesome Crab Grab designs featuring fresh original art and fun shapes.

Whether you're a new snowboarder and need some added control when getting off the chairlift, or you're an experienced rider who simply understands that stomp pads make a world of difference getting off a lift, Crab Grab is the way to go. There's no point slipping, sliding, and falling your way into embarrassment, a simple stomp pad can give you the grip you need to stay upright on your board when you aren't in your back binding.

Crab Grab stomp pads are also helpful when you are in flatter areas on the mountain, where you have to kick and push to glide any further. Having this on your board makes gliding much easier, so you can get further with ease, and save your stamina for turns!

If you want to add a fun element or design to your board, Crab Grab is known for some of the most recognizable options in snowboarding. Our favorite options of stomp pads from Crab Grab are the claws, the big claw is a great option for one solid piece, you can also mix it up with some mini claw options and go with the classic linear layout or freestyle it, add skate rails, or the bone if you're feeling spooky. Not into out there designs? Crab Grab's clear and black options disappear into the design of your snowboard but still deliver performance. And not only do they look great, but they're also helpful for freestyle riding if you choose to go that route.