Item # ss007157zz-malone-kayak-accessories

Malone Retractable Tongue Kit

$159.95 $199.00 (20% OFF)

Description: Malone Retractable Tongue Kit

The Malone Retractable Tongue Kit allows you to quickly retract the 8 ft. tongue back into your MicroSport Trailer frame for easy and convenient storage. Fully assembled, the MicroSport is 164 in. long. With the Retractable Tongue Kit installed, the trailer can be reduced to 103 in. long. The kit can be easily retrofitted to any Malone trailer and is permanently installed with a few suggested tools in 30 minutes.

  • This kit does NOT fit the Malone Xtralight trailer.
  • Easily store the tongue from your MicroSport trailer with removal of a single pin
  • Allows you to store your trailer in an upright position
  • Includes two bumpers for the rear of the trailer to protect it when stored in the upright position
  • Retrofits to all existing Malone MicroSport Trailers
  • Quick connect wiring harness for easy detachment

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