686 Infinity Merino 3-Pack Facemask

$35.95 (54% OFF)

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686 Infinity Merino 3-Pack Facemask

The 686 Infinity Merino 3-Pack Face Mask blends the blocking of the cold and the germs for ultimate protection. The ergonomic fit, paired with a merino wool blend inner fabric offers a softness you'll love while cruising the mountain. Bonus filter pocket allows you to insert your own extra mask to fight off even more microbes as you go through your days.

Product Details

  • Stretch Polyester Outer - Polyester-spandex blend with microbe reducing finish.
  • Merino Wool Inner Layer - Blended fabric with microbe reducing finish.
  • UPF 50+ - No more goggle tan with this bad boy adding ultraviolet protection.
  • Filter Pocket - Slot for Optimal PM 2.5 Filter, surgical or N95 Mask



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