Women's Splitboards

Womens Splitboards are available at The House Boardshop at the lowest prices on the web! Who says only men have the best splitboards? Our brands don’t handpick the best split boards for men and slap on pretty colors—these boards are designed in structure, contours and technology for YOU! Order your new Split boards for Women today and we’ll ship them out within 24 hours, Monday-Friday. With extremely fast shipping and huge deals, you don’t need to shop anywhere else.
Rossignol Black Ops Splitboard Womens
Size: 156cm
$283.10 283.10
$649.95 (56% Off)
Salomon Bellevue Splitboard 2023 Womens
Size: 152cm
899.95 $899.95
Rossignol After Hours Splitboard Womens
Size: 153cm, 156cm
$383.85 383.85
$599.95 (36% Off)
Arbor Swoon Splitboard 2023 Womens
Size: 156cm
749.95 $749.95
Jones Dream Weaver Splitboard 2023 Womens
Size: 145cm, 148cm, 151cm, 154cm
799.95 $799.95
Arbor Veda Splitboard 2023 Womens
Size: 152cm, 156cm
749.95 $749.95
Salomon Pillow Talk Splitboard Womens
Size: 145cm, 151cm
$421.49 421.49
$799.95 (47% Off)

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