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Try Something Different With Snow Skates from The-House

Snow skates from The House Outdoor Gear feature the top snow skate brands. Snow skates have become all the rave for winter enthusiasts, as well as the occasional downtime snowboarder's new best friend. Our selection features multiple shapes, sizes and deck variations including double decker, single deck, and more. Whether you’re poking around in your backyard or looking to snow surf at a permitted resort, we have the right collection to get you geared up.

Looking for something else that's fun for the hill? Snow skates are a great option for not only residential hills but also resorts (check to see if the resort allows snow skates). These skate like picks and snow surfers are a fun way to mix it up. If you've got one sitting in your cart or your closet and you're feeling intimidated, consider doing your research on how to ride a snow skate!

Hovland Five-Oh Complete Snowskate
Size: 9.75 x 36.25in Top Deck
349 $349.00
Hovland Session Snowskate Deck
Size: 8.85 x 34.25in
159 $159.00
Hovland City Slicker Snowskate Deck
Size: 8.5 x 34in
159 $159.00
Hovland Five-Oh Complete Snowskate
Size: 92cm/9.35 x 35.5in Top Deck
$195.95 195.95
$279.00 (30% Off)
Hovland Ram Complete Snowskate
Size: 9.75 x 38in Top Deck
389 $389.00
Jones Mountain Snowskate
Size: 115cm
$365.95 365.95
$429.95 (15% Off)

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