Looking for an excuse to get out of the house this winter season? Maybe you want to go for a leaisurely walk or an adventurous hike. The snow doesn't have to stop you from enjoying the outdoors, snowshoes provide you with the boost you need!

Snowshoes from The House give you an excuse to go outside this winter and get some exercise. Some of these pairs of snowshoes are great for beginners and offer a more natural feel that won’t easily trip you up. Selecting snowshoes that are right for the terrain is important to be successful, some styles are great for casual walks, others help you grip in deep snow, rocky terrain, and uphill routes.

There are also plenty of sizes and colors that are sure to fit anyone’s feet and personal preference. Shop now and get up to 65% off select snowshoes for men and women!

Atlas Helium Trail Kit Snowshoes
Size: 23in
219.95 $219.95
Atlas Helium Trail Snowshoe Kit
Size: 23in
$145.61 145.61
$199.95 (27% Off)
Atlas Helium Trail Snowshoes
Size: 23in
149.95 $149.95
Atlas Helium Trail Snowshoes
Size: 23in
$101.92 101.92
$139.95 (27% Off)
Atlas Snowshoe Tote Bag
Size: 23-37in, 30-35in
34.95 $34.95
TSL Symbioz HyperFlex Adjustable BOA Snowshoes
Size: Small (52.5cm)
$211.95 211.95
$300.00 (29% Off)
TSL Tour Alu Compact 3 Cross Trekking Poles
Size: 24.4-49.2cm
$80.95 80.95
$90.00 (10% Off)
TSL Tour Carbon 3 Cross Trekking Poles
Size: 24.4-49.2cm
$111.10 111.10
$130.00 (15% Off)

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