Kids' K2 Snowboards

Kids K2 Snowboards are rocking and rolling out of the warehouse at The House Boardshop. K2 has got the Youth (groms) covered with high tech and bomb proof construction that are built to last. Keep them progressing faster then their feet grow on a K2 board! K2 doesn't sacrifice quality when it comes to the kids but they do pass the savings on to the parents. The House Boardshop, 30 years of quality and excellence delivered to you fast and free.
K2 Vandal Wide Snowboard Kids
Size: 145cm (W), 148cm (W)
$195.19 195.19
$259.95 (25% Off)
K2 Mini Turbo Snowboard 2023 Kids
Size: 75cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm
209.95 $209.95
K2 Kandi Snowboard 2023 Kids
Size: 129cm, 134cm, 137cm, 141cm
269.95 $269.95
K2 Vandal Snowboard 2023 Kids
Size: 132cm, 137cm, 142cm, 145cm (W), 148cm (W)
269.95 $269.95
K2 Lil Mini Snowboard 2023 Kids
Size: 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, 120cm, 130cm
209.95 $209.95
K2 Vandal Snowboard Kids
Size: 132cm, 137cm, 142cm
$244.59 244.59
$259.95 (6% Off)

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