Tapered Snowboards

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Our selection of Tapered snowboards offers a board that has a more narrow backside than it does in the nose. A tapered shape makes for an easier turn initiation in most beginner boards where a tapered shape in higher end boards usually gets thrown into some more all mountain and powder oriented shapes to help sink the tail in deeper snow and create a more surf-like feel. Check out our selection of tapered shape decks.
Size: 150cm, 154cm, 157cm, 159cm
$284.95 $379.95 (25% Off)

Size: 150cm, 155cm, 160cm
$299.95 $399.95 (25% Off)

Size: 155cm (W), 160cm (W), 165cm (W)
$299.95 $399.95 (25% Off)

Size: 100cm, 130cm
Size: 156cm (W), 158cm (W), 162cm (W)
$284.95 $379.95 (25% Off)
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