Directional Snowboards

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Our selection of directional snowboards offers a board for almost anyone at any skill level. While some of these boards are meant to remain completely forward-thinking others have the ability to ride forward or switch in most scenarios. From beginner direction shapes that are easy to learn on to more aggressive shapes that are meant to challenge a rider's ability, there is a definitely a board for everyone here.
Size: 157cm, 160cm, 163cm
Size: 157cm (W), 162cm (W)

Size: 159cm, 163cm, 167cm, 171cm

Size: 149cm, 153cm, 157cm, 161cm
Size: 152cm, 159cm, 162cm, 165cm

Size: 150cm, 153cm, 156cm, 159cm
Size: 154cm, 157cm, 160cm

Size: 150cm, 154cm, 158cm, 162cm, 166cm
Size: 158cm (W), 161cm (W), 166cm (W)

Size: 157cm, 162cm
$349.95 $575.00 (39% Off)
Size: 147cm
$398.95 $599.95 (34% Off)

Size: 153cm, 155cm, 157cm, 159cm, 161cm

Size: 155cm, 158cm
$454.99 $649.95 (30% Off)
Size: 154cm, 157cm, 161cm

Size: 159cm (W), 162cm (W)
Size: 157cm
$427.95 $599.95 (29% Off)

Size: 154cm, 157cm, 160cm
Size: 162cm (W), 165cm (W)

Size: 155cm, 159cm, 163cm
Size: 157cm, 161cm, 165cm, 169cm

Size: 152cm, 156cm, 160cm
Size: 156cm, 159cm, 162cm, 165cm

Size: 156cm, 159cm, 162cm
Size: 152cm, 157cm, 160cm

Size: 160cm (W), 163cm (W), 167cm (W)

Size: 155cm (W), 158cm (W)
Size: 156cm, 160cm, 164cm

Size: 159cm, 162cm
$404.95 $539.95 (25% Off)
Size: 155cm
$332.95 $499.99 (33% Off)

Size: 152cm, 156cm, 160cm
Size: 158cm, 162cm

Size: 157cm (W), 160cm (W), 164cm (W)
Size: 148cm, 151cm, 154cm

Size: 159cm (W), 162cm (W), 165cm (W), 169cm (W)
Size: 154cm, 158cm, 162cm

Size: 154cm, 158cm, 162cm
Size: 156cm, 160cm