Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are available at The House to make your camping trips as comfortable as possible. Our sleeping bags are essential items when it comes to making sure you have a great camping experience. These sleeping bags are made with the highest quality materials and fabrics to offer you a comfortable sleeping bag that keeps you warm while you sleep and will last you for many outdoor trips. We have sleeping bags that are offered in a variety of warm materials so you can find the right one for your preferred method of camping that meets your camping needs. Our sleeping bags are fitted with insulation materials that are designed to give you a toasty rest while offering you breathability and prevent you from feeling overheated. Many of our sleeping bags also feature cinchable hoods and ventable zippers to provide you with the option of full insulation or cool airflow while you’re sleeping under the stars. Sleeping bags from The House are the perfect way to better your camping experience and make sure you have the best time in the great outdoors.
Klymit KSB 20 Sleeping Bag
Size: X-Large
249.95 $249.95
Klymit Luxe V Sheet Sleeping Pad Cover
Size: X-Large
44.95 $44.95
Coleman Dexter Point 40 Long Sleeping Bag
Size: Long
$31.95 31.95
$69.99 (54% Off)
Selk'bag Lite 6G Wearable Sleeping Bag
Size: X-Large, Large, Medium, Small
99 $99.00
Coleman Dexter Point 50 Long Sleeping Bag
Size: Long
$37.95 37.95
$59.99 (37% Off)
Klymit KSB 0 Sleeping Bag
Size: Large, X-Large
$299.95 299.95
$329.95 ()
Klymit V Sheet Sleeping Pad Cover
Size: Regular
29.95 $29.95
Big Agnes Torchlight Camp 20 Sleeping Bag
Size: Regular LH
179.95 $179.95
Coleman Dexter Point 50 Sleeping Bag
Size: Regular
$24.97 24.97
$49.99 (50% Off)
Klymit KSB 35 Sleeping Bag
Size: Large
179.95 $179.95
Big Agnes Sidewinder Camp 35 Sleeping Bag
Size: Long LH, Regular LH
159.95 $159.95
Klymit Luxe Camp Pillow
Size: X-Large
39.95 $39.95
Venture Forward Eagle Lake II 25 Double Rectangle Sleeping Bag
Size: Double
$69.97 69.97
$99.99 (30% Off)
The North Face Wasatch -1 Sleeping Bag
Size: Long RH, Long LH, Regular LH
$78.95 78.95
$88.95 (11% Off)
Big Agnes Sidewinder Camp 20 Sleeping Bag
Size: Long LH, Regular LH
179.95 $179.95
Klymit KSB 30 Double Sleeping Bag
Size: Double
379.95 $379.95
Big Agnes Torchlight Camp 35 Sleeping Bag
Size: Long LH, Regular LH
169.95 $169.95
Exxel Outdoors Boundary 20 Sleeping Bag
Size: Long
$44.95 44.95
$59.99 (25% Off)
The North Face Blue Kazoo 15 Sleeping Bag
Size: Long LH, Regular LH, X-Long LH
$289.95 289.95
$309.95 ()

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