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As a female skier, you demand the same quality in your equipment and gear enjoyed by your male counterparts on the slopes. Line Womens Skis are crafted and constructed to provide you with the same top of the line performance as the brand's models for men. The only distinction between the women's and men's models at Line is weight. Line Womens Skis are constructed to be slightly lighter. Incorporated into Line Skis for Women is Early Rise™, a design feature that delivers the best performance no matter the slope conditions. With Early Rise™, the rise in the tale and tips of skis for women starts sooner than occurs with other brands. This provides you better control and allows you to readily stay above the snow. In addition, Line Womens Skis come complete with the trademarked Metal Matrix™. This is a laminate unique to Line that will provide you the stability as well as the overall power you must have in order to make the most of each run, no matter how challenging.