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Do you want to become the next gold metal Olympic Freestyle Skier? Or maybe you just enjoy a bit of thrill in your skiing adventures, if so then maybe the hottest trend in skiing is for you. Twin Tips Skis are becoming popular with everyday skiers and aren’t just for daredevil jumpers anymore. If you haven’t tried Twin Tip Skis this might be the season for you to become part of a growing trend in skiing. The Twin Tip Skis are shorter than a regular ski, with an hourglass look and wider at each end; both ends have tips that turn up to allow for maximum maneuverability.

Twin Tips are no longer just for people who want to do tricks and stunts; they are now popular with all types of skiers. The twin tip ski has vivid graphics which make them feel fresh and the upturned tips and tails allow you to move forward and backwards on the ski. You need to consider what type of skiing you will be doing most before choosing the twin tip you want. Three general types are:

  • BackcountryIf you like skiing in the back country then an all mountain or powder would be the ski for you. The all mountain/powder twin can be used both in the park and outside in the back country, you might think that this ski is just used in deep powder but with the sidecut of today’s powder twin it is an excellent all mountain ski. Twins that are wider will now hold up at high speeds and will perform excellent on fresh snow.
  • FreestyleFreestylers will want a twin ski that is smaller and more compact. Weight will be important to the jumper to allow high flying jumps and aerial flips. A true twin will give better handling on groomed surfaces and half pipe ramps. Tips and tails that are turned up will help to keep a rider from catching an edge in a backward jump. The twin tips are flexible, giving skiers the ability to spin, turn on a dime and do all kinds of skiing stunts.
  • Directional: Directional twins have a longer blade than true twins and a slightly wider tip than the tail. Directional twins can be excellent all-mountain skis performing well on most surfaces.

Each ski has its place and you should decide which works best for you. Twin tip skiing is a more aggressive type of skiing than the traditional flat ski. While the twin tip might be a bit more dangerous it gives an adrenalin rush for those who seek thrills in their skiing. Skiers find the twin tip to be a bit more like a snowboard because of the ability to do so stunts and high flying flips. Most people who have tried the twin tip enjoy the shorter ski; with less edge to catch you will have greater maneuverability. This ski is not only trendy but stylish with great graphics. The snowboard look of the twin tip appeals to all ages and is a dynamic and aggressive ski.


Twin Tip Skis were not designed for the mountain. They were designed for the half-pipe! Originally introduced in 1974, they have evolved in the hands of great indie companies such as 4FRNT, Ninthward and Armada. Twin Tip Skis have been on the bleeding-edge of the “freeskiing movement” since its introduction. Why? Because they were born in the terrain parks, in the backcountry and on the jumps.

They have caused Olympic athletes to abandon the "uptight" form of skiing they had dedicated a life to. They have supported a whole new branch of the sport and spawned their own sub-culture. Twin Tip Skis have radically changed the face of the skiing universe! Strap on a pair, and find out why... Mike Douglas, a founder of the freeskiing movement, said it all when he said, "Screw the rules, screw people telling us what to do. Let's go out and make our own rules.”

Join the revolution and discover a new branch of skiing that’s changing the industry by storm. We carry the best brands and highest quality of Twin Tip Skis on the web!

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