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Size: 173cm
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Size: 152cm, 160cm, 184cm
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Size: 173cm, 180cm, 187cm
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Size: 172cm
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Size: 170cm
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Size: 172cm
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Rossignol is a testament to the old school, the days of before, back when things were a little simpler. The company is over a hundred years old and was founded in 1907. And while much has changed about skiing over those one hundred years, one thing has remained the same. Rossignol is just as committed to producing quality skis capable of tackling any slope just as they were 100 years ago.

In 1907, Abel Rossignol handmade the first pair of Rossignol Skis out of wood. His legacy continues today, as Rossignol continues to put out some of the most innovative mountain gear and products around. The company has expanded their product line into a "Mountain Lifestyle" brand, where they exemplify what it means to live on the slopes. Their product line includes skis, snowboards, cross country skis, ski boots, and bindings to maximize comfort and performance.

Rossignol takes the "live by the mountain" idea to its heart. Every product designed and produced by Rossignol is born from the snow. Their Research and Development team is composed of athletes who know the sport like no other, and their ideas and innovations help to drive the company forwards with groundbreaking ideas and technology. Rossignol doesn't sit and wait for someone else to come up with an idea; they jump ahead of the pack. They don't just create a product, they create winners.

In the 1960s, one pair of skis dominated the competition: the Allais 60. Rossignol had rocked the industry with their new metal skis and completely changed downhill skiing. Some companies may have been satisfied with one groundbreaking pair of skis, but not Rossignol. Only a few years after the Allais helped secure the 1960 Olympics gold medal at Squaw Valley, the Strato was born. This pair of fiberglass led Nancy Greene to a gold medal at the 1968 Olympics.

Rossignol isn't a company that simply designs products for those who like skiing or enjoy snowboarding. Rossignol's skis, snowboards, even their href="/ski-jackets-rossignol.html">ski jackets, pants, live and breathe the mountain air. Today, Rossignol holds true to their standards of being a mountain lifestyle company, as the mountain is their heart, and the snow flows through the company's veins. 100 years of skiing expertise culminate today to make Rossignol a leader in the industry.