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Size: 184.1cm
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Size: 187cm
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When the layman hears the term “Rocker skis,” they may expect to see Ozzy, Brett Michaels or even the ghost of Dio shredding the mountainside on some Hammer of the Gods brand of equipment. However, Rocker skis refer to the type of ski. There are typically three types: Flat, Camber and Rocker.

Though you may find combinations, and occasionally a unique shape, many are on the hunt for a performance-based ski that floats across the surface of the snow and allows for more balance and control. This is where Rocker skis come into play. The Rocker shape is a reversed Camber, and you can liken it to the shape of a very shallow spoon – for lack of a better, more winter-sports-appropriate analogy. The float you get from a Rocker ski is vastly superior, and that’s not even touching on the maneuverability provided by this simple yet effective shape.

Rockered skis are also typically wider, so the margin of error is wider. That means this structure is incredibly forgiving. All the top equipment manufacturers in the land understand that serious sporties are after Rocker skis, so you can find skis from top names like Teton, Atomic, K2, Volki, 4FRNT, Head, Rossignol, Fischer, and many more. You want to focus on quality and on skis with the right shape that match the rest of your gear and your preferred riding style.

And if you do see Dio’s ghost out there on the slopes, try not to panic. Dead Italian rockers typically tend to be quite irritable and susceptible to hysterical screaming.

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